Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the school series : the first day

"Few sights are as touching or emotionally overwhelming as that of our child releasing our hand and walking off to the classroom on the first day of school. The pre-school years are over. Our responsibilities shift and we find ourselves beginners once more. Raising schoolchildren proves to be a radically different experience from tending our under fives. Amateurs once again, we face a new stage of motherhood each time one of our children starts school." 

And so on Monday morning I hugged him tight, told him I was proud and that I loved him so. He walked happily into his classroom; the beginning of a journey.

To be honest it was easier than I expected. I only cried a few tears and they were, most definitely, happy ones. Che? He was prepared, excited and full of wonderings, a beautiful place to be. He is in a small class of 16 students and his teacher is bright and bubbly and fun - the very best kind. 

Come Monday afternoon Che ran to Daniel and I and hugged us both. Before we could say a word he stood proud and said: "I loved it!"

But it's what he shared on the way home that will stay with me forever.

"Mum, the Year 1 girls are so beautiful and they do really beautiful craft projects. They walk beautifully too."

To all of you who left such heartfelt, reassuring and encouraging comments in the lead-up to school - thank you, they meant the world.

I'll return to this series in a few weeks time. Whilst I don't plan to share a lot about Che I will talk a little bit about my new role and how I'm navigating the 5-day-a-week routine (without much drama, I hope).

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