Monday, June 30, 2008

my favourite

While browsing through the new edition of my favourite magazine I stumbled upon the books page and discovered that my much-loved and all-time favourite author has just released her latest collection of short stories. Jhumpa Lahiri is a master story-teller. I dream of writing like her (one day very soon). If you haven't read any of her work then go and get yourself this, curl up in a warm place and get to know Lahiri's beautiful characters. Tonight I plan to be sitting on the couch, blanket over my feet, tea in one hand, Unaccustomed Earth in the other. I plan on making this one last...reading only a few pages at a time. Re-reading inspiring sentences. On my business card I have written "threading words together"... I imagine that Jhumpa Lahiri has threaded each of her words together with gold silk. This is how special her stories are.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

taking a walk

Today we went walking on our street. It was a bright day and we strolled along enjoying the wind and the sunshine. There were many times I would drive along our street and hope to one day live here. I got what I wished for. Our gorgeous house is perched halfway along one of the oldest streets on the Central Coast. There are a few cottages that have been here for decades. Like this one:

In a few weeks time the magnolia tree will be flowering and I will wander across the road to admire the pink delight of cherry blossoms. I know they will be there because the trees were in full bloom when I was in full pregnancy bloom last year. Last year he was in my belly and now he spends a good part of the day on my hip. I have been loving the baby sling lately. Che is now strong enough to sit up in it and he likes being up high, chatting with me as we wander. Today he thought he would taste leaves for the first time.

Flowers tomorrow;

The sun made us sleepy, the fresh air turned our cheeks pink and Che held my hair all the way home;

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how to eat a banana

8am. Soft wintery sun shining through from outside. Breakfast time. Oats cooking on the stove top. It suddenly occurs to me as I snap away that my little one has become so used to being in front of the camera that he hardly notices it's there. And this makes me happy. He chomps away and squishes banana through his fingers - laughing at the absurd goo.

Silent chewing continues till there is no banana left. Where has it gone? He stares at his hand for minutes, slowly wriggling his fingers, searching for more. But it's all gone. Till tomorrow morning...

I'm really proud of these photos. And I'm so happy that I captured the wonder of an everyday breakfast-time moment. Hope you enjoy them too.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a good day

Every minute so far today has been delightful. This little one is so joyful today. Inquisitive as always. We went shopping this afternoon and an old gentlemen was admiring Che. "He's been here before" he said. "Yes, I think so too," I replied.

silver shoes

It's been a while since I've been on the other side of the camera. The white sheet was up in preparation for movie watching and Daniel thought it best to utilise the picture perfect backdrop. About to go to a silver shoes on. Babies are fascinated by these shoes. The luminescent colour is so enticing, the ties so good to chew...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

this afternoon

Looking up to the sky. A dreamer. Just like his Mum. Some would say 'head in the clouds', others would say 'ethereal creature'.

Monday, June 16, 2008

making room for dreaming

Before Daniel and I became parents we didn't really understand the co-sleeping thing. How could a parent possibly get any sleep if a wriggling little child, arms outstretched, gently cooing, slept next to you? As all parents do, we have found our own way with most aspects of parenting and subsequently Che has made his way into our bed. OOOhhh, it is so beautiful when my little one stretches out to hold his hands on my neck while he sleeps. It's hilarious when I open my eyes in the morning to find Che lying right next to me, just watching me, wishing I would "hurry up and get out of bed, Mum!" Truth be told, Daniel and I feel blessed that our little one feels so safe and sound in our bed. But up until a few nights ago he would sleep in his cot for a few hours at night and during the day. And now he seems absolutely petrified of the cot. So today I spent time with him in his room, encouraging him to love his space, feel happy in his sleeping cocoon, dream sweet dreams amongst the soft downy blanket, furry friends and my scarf ( because a baby always sleeps more soundly when they can smell their mum).

So we played, and giggled, and watched the trees outside. And as I stood back to capture the moment I had to look above the camera to make sure that this really was the same baby I grew and birthed. He is so big! Daniel and I woke up the other morning and didn't for a moment question that Che had grown overnight. He is so much bigger and so much cheekier. And we love him more than we did yesterday.

And I must remember to get Daniel to lower the mattress in the cot because clearly someone is so big they can get up and probably fall over. And we definitely don't want that. And one last thing. His new tee is covered in whales. Yes...some of them are even wearing top hats. And I think the image of a whale in a top hat is a good way to finish today.

Monday, June 9, 2008


The little the way Che puts his feet together when lying on his belly - Little Frog is his name today. Love these gingerbreadmen-print leggings to keep his feet warm and to make me hungry. Must make Bills iced jumbles (like gingerbread) again soon, maybe his peanut butter & choc chunk cookies too.

The end of the long-weekend is near but I have enjoyed it. A new baby (photos tomorrow), warm soup on rainy days, breakfast at bellyfish with family, yoga classes with lots of students, a new Karen Walker skirt. Love Karen's designs - don't love the price. Such a talented NZ designer who is loved the world over and subsequently charges extortionate amounts for beautiful garments. But thank you Lucie for managing a boutique with a great sale...where the gorgeous high-waisted denim skirt teased me for months with its $356 price tag and then it got reduced to $70. And I was even happier today when I unzipped the side pocket to find this stunning fabric inside:

Print and pattern coloured my day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hand-knitted love

I don't think I can describe the joy I have when dressing my baby boy in a cardigan knitted by my Mum. She spent every spare moment of the last two weeks knitting this gorgeous piece - navy with 4 little buttons that look a lot like pork pies (according to Dad...who loves pork pies). Handmade always translates to "made with love" and I actually believe that this cardi will keep Che extra warm. She was so meticulous with her work that she is now suffering from a bad shoulder. Who would have thought knitting could result in an injury? Tonight we are going to Mum & Dad's for dinner - a hearty winters meal of lamb casserole and mash. Just like handmade equals love, home-cooking warms the belly and the heart.

I have called the above photo "French schoolboy discovers maracas"

rain rain go away

This contemplative little creature sat watching the rain for 20 minutes today. I am in awe that an 8-month-old can sit for so long, mesmerised by swaying branches, puddles of water and the drop, drop, drop on the roof. And then I realised that watching water fall from the sky is a wondrous thing for a little one, almost unbelievable.

It's been a cosy winters rainy day...

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Different shades of orange coloured my day...this rainy winters day. Mandarins from the local farm, vintage linen from the op shop, pumpkin soup for lunch and a cute little munchkin caught in a strange light.