Monday, February 11, 2013

bamboo river

The rain was heavy last night and it lulled us all to sleep early. It wasn't quite as endearing at 4:30am when rivers of water began to flow into our garage. Today has been a long one. 

By 6am most of the water was mopped up, the washing machine was onto its second load and we were drinking tea and eating marmalade toast...not all bad. We talked about the 'stuff' that we keep stored in the garage, the things we don't use but should keep, attachments. There are piles of novels read long-ago and I'm wondering what to do with them all. They say a house without books is a home without soul but I'm pretty sure we don't need a library to justify the goodness in this abode. Still, I can't resist flicking through past reads and finding that paragraph, the one that made me stop and consider and take notes (the everyday luxuries before-children).

This afternoon I'm drinking my fourth cup of tea, counting days on my bamboo/cotton calender (it's soft and delicate like rice paper) and lounging in comfy clothes. Tonight I'm going to make chicken with ginger, garlic and tamari and later on I'll bake banana bread. Tomorrow? Pumpkin soup and humble summer broccoli pasta will hopefully get me through the list of work, over twenty stories long (three deadlines are overlapping this month).

I hope your week is turning out to be a good one.

me, in a tea-induced daze, wearing everyday yoga gear including knit bolero c/o pantheia.

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