Tuesday, February 26, 2013

summer : farewell

Oh summer, you've been exceptional.

Last year as we wandered into autumn we kind of felt like we'd been cheated. We'd had a wet, cool summer and there just weren't enough days spent in the sun. But this year made up for it. Regardless of the heatwaves, fires and most recent monsoon-like rains, we been spoilt with memorable beach days, lazy afternoons reading/napping and many an alfresco dinner. Sand has made its way into every crevice of our home and we've eaten copious amounts of mangoes, blueberries and peaches (and garden salads, woodfire pizzas, ice-cream). 

Now the light is fading from golden to a softer, cooler yellow. Change is upon us...of the seasonal kind.

Thanks so much for following along with this seasonal series. I find it comforting to recognise the season, document  it and then reminisce. For those of you in the North; I know many of you have found photos of frolicking beach babies a little hard to bear but rest assured, spring is on its way. I look forward to scrolling through your abundant summer posts when I'm in the depths of winter. 

There is always the opposite...

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