Wednesday, October 28, 2009


it was so long ago that i held each ball of yarn in my hands, knowing that one day it would be finished. And it is, just in time for our spring-almost-summer. So my timing wasn't ideal but it was one of those projects that i longed to get back to almost every day. And as claerwen said recently, the beauty of knitting is that feeling you get when you cast-off that very last stitch. It's complete. And can't be undone. I think as Mumas we spend so much of our time doing little jobs that in a matter of hours need doing again. So it is nourishing me to look at ché's blanket and be reminded of the hours of knitting through winter...and the knowing that it will be wrapped round him for years to come...knowing it's complete. Handmade. Mama-made.

And now I'm left wondering...what shall I make next?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

first swim of the season

I knew when Daniel walked in from work yesterday afternoon that the time of year had come. Where we spend late afternoons and early evenings building sandcastles and bathing in the ocean. Around 4.46pm we immersed ourselves in the sea - it was exilirating, refreshing and the perfect ceremonious occassion to welcome the Summer season. It was good to wash away winter layers and dive under the water for a few moments, listening only to the gentle push and pull of the tide. It was so good to feel that rhythm, a lulling sensation.

Silence, for just a few moments, means so much to me now that I'm a Muma. I need a bit of it, in every day. I'm a better Muma beause of those few moments of quiet. Even if I have to block my ears, close my eyes and hum with my exhalation (it's a practice called bhramari - humming bee breath....known to soothe the nervous system and move your awareness inwards). Bhramari is the most popular breathing technique used by my prenatal students in labour...because their awareness moves to the vibration in their body instead of the contraction. I hope they remember in their every day to take a few breaths, to move inwards and to remember that when they are challenged, they know how to breathe.

I hope they remember how revitalising a swim in the ocean can be.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

mumas with bellies...then babes

Last week I had six prenatal students well past their due dates. one class. It was a beautiful class. Their awareness was so inward, they were so soft and relaxed....biding time till the imminent births of their babies. The other students in the class took great care to watch these mumas because regardless of how pregnant they were, they knew their time would come. Where they moved cautiously, the deep weight of a babe cocooned inside them. Waiting. Waiting.

Throughout this week I received six messages, all describing wonderful, unique and natural birth experiences. I told my students on Saturday that teaching prenatal yoga is one of the most natural things I have ever done. That I feel so blessed to share such a beautiful journey with these encourage them to embrace their pregnancy and help them prepare for a joyous birth. It feels like I've done it all before. I think about my students between classes, especially if their nearing the end of their pregnancy. Then they have their babies and I welcome another bunch of women to class...and so it goes.

So blessed I am to share yoga and positive birth stories with these blessed I am to be able to combine my passions into a project that I am oh so excited about.

There, I've put it out there. I have to do it now. I won't tell you just yet, but I'd appreciate a reminder in a few months time if it's not mentioned again.

I held the most precious little five-month-old baby boy yesterday. Koru, you are beautiful.

And a huge blessing and congratulations to fliss, claerwen and leigh who are all enjoying their brand new and very precious baby boys.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

i need your help

On November 15 I will be joining the Australian yoga community to practice 108 sun salutations as part of the Yoga Aid Challenge. Yoga Aid is a worldwide event - bringing together the energy of thousands of yogis and yoginis so we can spread a little love and raise money for charity.

This year, yogaways will be joined by a group of drummers as we flow through our two hour intense sequence to the rhythm of Japanese and Indonesian drums.

My chosen foundation is the Nelune Foundation ..
.The NELUNE Foundation aims to provide psychological and practical support, assistance and care for public hospital and underprivileged cancer patients in the community – 'Helping Patients Fight Cancer With Dignity'.

Cancer affects one in three please, support me as I flow through a challenging practice and donate to this worthy cause.

To donate please visit and click the 'donate now' button.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Friday, October 9, 2009

in the earth

The past week has been wet and cold and i'm liking it. It was too unusually warm for Spring so a quick return to late winter has been welcomed. In keeping with my deep-seeded desire to shop with more intention and less spontaneity, and hence eat the same way, I decided to finally start a little vegie patch. Small to begin with - there are only three of us. My Dad had grown vegies for as long as I can remember (I used to collect beans in my skirt) and so he helped us establish a little patch and Ché took to planting...pegs. With all the care and concentration he could muster he pushed coloured pegs into the earth and stood back, proud at his work. Perhaps they will never know.

It was good to get down and dig into the earth, a good practice, quite therapeutic. I love using herbs in my cooking (and is there anything better than a jug of ice-cold jug of mint-infused water in Summer?) so I planted lemongrass, coriander, thyme, sweet basil, rosemary and mint. Beans, baby spinach and kale made it into the mix too. I'm wishing, hoping, dreaming for a spring garden like Hugh's - one day.

It's become so clear to me over the past few weeks that the food I eat really affects my moods and energy. Since weaning Ché my appetite for meat has decreased and I'm starting to eat light, raw food instead. A salad of home-grown leaves dressed with seeds, nuts and balsamic...a daily indulgence. I'm back into my full yoga practice too - flowing through a dynamic hatha and ashtanga practice reminds me of the number one rule in Ayurveda - never over eat. Eat slowly, and with awareness. Daniel and I, since we have been together, have always promised ourselves that regardless of how much money we have we will always eat good food. Food grown with love and awareness - cooked and eaten the same way.

I truly believe that breastmilk was the greatest start to Ché's love of food. He eats almost everything. The other night I watched him devour a bowl of tofu. And then he asked for more. I was, still am, so happy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

we celebrated

I said I wasn't going to do a 'party' every year but by the time August came round I had organised an afternoon tea to celebrate Ché and his love of stars. Quite frankly, I couldn't see the sense in not inviting family and friends around to sip chai and eat cake and hip hip hooray the little boy that always makes us smile. Once i stopped greeting and serving it was nice to look around and see the little people playing, the big people chatting. Ché was gifted the most beautiful toys - bought with love and received with much gratitude. I'm trying my best to organise them at the moment, keen to find a 'home' for each and every toy so that we all know where they need to go at the end of the day...but more on that later.

Two is so big and I never thought this far ahead when he was born. You forget that the newborn is just the beginning and there is so much growing to be done. So much to look forward to. Such a little character he is, waking up with rockstar hair (some mornings it's about 7inches from his head) and beckoning us to follow him to the lounge where we sit in the sun and play safari. Or fire-trucks. Or we drink tea from wooden cups - stir, stir, stir.

He's settled so well into the rhythm of Steiner playgroup and we, as a family, are benefiting so much from it. Two hours on a Friday morning really sets a beautiful pace for the rest of our week. And it is so nice to be surrounded by like-minded mamas, it really makes me feel supported and nurtured on this parenting journey. Somehow, though, my little one always ends up the messiest. If dirty clothes are a measure of happiness then Ché really is having the time of his life. I'm still trying to soak the dirt out of that white (not so white) tee above.

Each day is busy, spring-busy you could say. We're eating fresh greens from our little garden and the tomato plants are growing skyward. Grandad is visiting on Sunday to help us plant a vegie patch in an old bathtub. Ché always eats a banana at story time before bed. A happy food that fills his belly and helps him slip into slumber. He's sleeping in his own bed which means I've read more books in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years. I really love going to bed with a chamomile tea (sometimes honey) and reading. Pure bliss. So far, two is good. Really good.