Tuesday, February 19, 2013

inspired by : colour and keke

Shadow box shelves and herbs in glass jars, roots 'n all. 

A while ago I decided not to buy any new magazines; I had a pile awaiting me and I was feeling a little uninspired by all the same-same houses and slightly lacklustre stories. But then last week my mum passed on a recent copy of Inside Out magazine (along with art aprons for the kids and a batch of still-warm cheese muffins) so I hatched a plan to sit on the balcony and flip through the pages, uninterrupted for all of ten minutes. Imbued with colour and new ideas the issue was lively and fresh - the perfect introduction to Melbourne-based artist Kirra Jamison.

Kirra lives in a warehouse style home and, as the article states, she's managed to create a "colourful and organic" space. She has considered every surface, carefully curated her collection of artworks and then added a little plant life - succulents, wild flowers, branches abundant with purple blooms.

While the colour in her home is intriguing it's her kitchen that I kept returning too. Clip-top glass canisters, Japanese pottery and a baby pink teapot are a lovely representation of her aesthetic. But then there's her love and adoration for good, wholesome food and the people that cook it. As a little side project she has created you found keke, there she posts a recipe at a time; documenting the cooking, gathering and tasting experience. My favourites? 'Love fern' paella (oh that kitchen!) and Mullum Market Stack - an education in cactus. 

My own kitchen is receiving all my attention at the moment as I meander the long and sometimes confusing wholefood path. I'll be adding to the story soon but in the meantime I'm searching for cast-iron frying pans, glass storage options and yummy linen, of the small batch variety. 

"inspired by" is a new little series for me, I hope you like it.

top image from inside out, bottom two images (of Poppy's home) by kirra jamison

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