Thursday, February 28, 2013

autumn : a seasonal series

In March the air feels cooler, softer
Leaves turn crimson red
Then when they flutter to the ground
We make a pile and tumble round
Some fall on baby's head.

We plant some bulbs, a daffodil
They hide till Spring, so dark and still.

- Jane Godwin, All Through the Year

The leaves haven't turned yet but we're waiting, waiting.

I have a soft spot for Autumn. It's the humble season, an opportunity to slow, nurture and nourish. Last night the cool came, right on cue, and we gratefully said goodbye to the humidity that had been lingering for weeks. It's almost time to slip into long-sleeves and carry a cardigan - just in case. 

Soon there will be a box of fine new-season apples to eat and I'll happily line the kitchen windowsill with picturesque pears. I'll start to close the doors and windows early, light beeswax candles, and settle in. My seasonal menu is homely and inspired; pumpkin soup, chicken stock, jeweled rice, apple turnovers, pear and ginger cake. There will be chai; almond milk infused with spice, and I'll think of the ashram as I stir. 

Autumn is for gumboots and slippers, tea and good books. I need a few interesting reads for the next couple of months, what do you recommend? 

For those of you ready to embrace the light and newness of spring, there's a seasonal series just for you. 

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