Thursday, March 31, 2011

date night

the restaurant: quaint and unpretentious
the service: friendly. never pushy
the food: decadent, mouth-watering, devoured with love and gratitude
the conversation: funny
the opportunity: greatly appreciated
the dessert: ice cream at the local ice-creamery
the verdict: 10/10
the promise: to do it again before baby arrives

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cloudy sprinkles

A few months ago we took a leap of faith. Daniel had been contracting with a local business for a few years and while the regular money each week was nice, the other bits weren't so. We have our own business which brings in a couple of jobs a week but, as with any trade, those jobs aren't always guaranteed. And so, we decided, for the sake of happiness and well-being, we would focus on other exciting ventures and leave the comfort of a weekly pay.

What has risen out of our decision has been both unexpected and a complete joy. We have, as a family, spent more time together, watching clouds, eating ice-cream, planting herbs, than we ever have. Because we have the time. For Che, whole days spent with his Dad while I type has been a true blessing. They have established such a special connection, bonding over lego and bush walks and beach exploring adventures. A connection that doesn't always involve me and one that I truly believe, will remain strong for the rest of their lives. The 3.5 of us are relishing in slow days, the change of season and good wholesome food. While our wallets aren't as brimming as they once were (although brimming is most definitely an exaggeration) we have found that days spent close to home, indulging in simple pleasures, is absolutely perfect for us.

And while I grow our baby (we are using the term 'our' because for Che, it's his baby too) I'm wondering if perhaps this time is made all the more precious because in a few months, things will change all over again. This baby of ours has, in his or her own way, encouraged a shift in our lives and a recognition of what's most important.

Right now, all is so very good.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bump: in the trees at 22 weeks

One morning a week while Che is at Montessori, Daniel and I go on a date. We don't spend a lot of money or venture far and wide. We stay close to home, explore new-to-us pockets of places and take photos. Buba tags along. Obviously. Today we wandered in and out of the paper bark trees and listened to the lake flowing. Then I got to bare my white blossoming belly to the world and let buba catch some sunlight. Not far from here is the beach and so we mosied across the sand and ended up in a new little cafe with fresh juice and morning tea. And we felt really lucky.

Muma's favourite food this week: watermelon, cold from the fridge.
Buba's favourite food this week: strawberry yoghurt. kick kick. nudge nudge. give me more, please.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

so far

this autumn there have been paper wrapped pears and sunny afternoons imbued with inspiring reads. I have been tapping away at the keyboard for days on end, grateful for the incredible support of my professional peers as they allow me to work from home. It's perfect really because I can have lunch with the family and take a little afternoon kip when I feel the need. Che and Daniel have been spending beautiful days together, building lego and exploring quiet beaches, while I thread words together. Thousands of words. Phew. My absence from here was in no way intentional. But sometimes, at the end of the day, sitting for an extra few minutes on the computer just isn't appealing. Especially when a baby blanket needs a few more stitches...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

bump: halfway

On the first day of autumn Daniel and I ventured to the deciduous trees in hope of a few golden leaves and a hint of cool in the air. Green thick foliage and a hot wind welcomed us instead. But we will return, in a few weeks time, when the belly is bigger and the leaves all crumbly ochre. I could sing in the streets how pleased as punch I am that autumn is finally here. Thoughts of crisp nights, knitting, hot chocolate and soups are oh so good. The reality will be even better. I think this buba is a boy. A baby boy. I'd love to know what you think...please, do tell.