Thursday, October 28, 2010


At playgroup this morning all of us mums were commenting on the sense of urgency that seems to be creeping into out lives right now. We're all feeling the rush of festivities a little early this year. I was comforted to know I'm not the only one feeling a little overwhelmed.

This morning, before said conversation with other mums, I was feeling incredibly, and rather strangely, organised. I was out of the house and in the car about to run errands before playgroup started. I thought it was a little strange that when I got into the driver's seat I had to adjust it. And then I thought it was even stranger that my key wouldn't fit into the ignition. Hmmmm. I jingled and jangled the key about a bit. Still no luck. Damn, there goes my organsied day. And then it dawned on me that last night, while Daniel and I slept only a few metres away, someone had got into my car and tried to start it. It was such an awful feeling. And then came the guilt because I had actually left one door unlocked. And then, and I'm sure this comes as no surprise, I burst into tears. Big, fat tears and the kind of cry that leaves a nasty headache in its wake. I feel really violated and so very annoyed.

My mum consoled me, my Dad, the mechanic, took the ignition to the locksmith (fingers crossed he can fix it) and Daniel arrived home early with the sweetest smelling roses. Because we couldn't drive anywhere Daniel, Che and I walked up to the cafe this afternoon to have coffee and cake and forget our woes.

Coffee and cake - a powerful combination.

totally unrelated photo of the beach and the rock pool where we will no doubt spend many a summer morning

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

spring fair

Sunday was spring in all her glory - blue cloudless skies and warm, bright, white sunshine. We wandered down the road to the local school and spent a few hours at the fair; rides, good food, a few second hand books and the obligatory jar of Nana Elsie's Pickles. It wouldn't be a school fete without a jar of homemade something now, would it?

And meet Mr Mallard - the newest resident in Mama & Popa's garden. He wears the most beautiful violet feathers on his tail and struts his stuff through the vegie patch. He let me photograph him for a fair while, occasionally quack quacking. His girlfriend was off in the neighbours backyard laying eggs. We're expecting baby quacks pretty soon.

PS. For those of you that asked about the's from Dobbin and Drum Toys - you can buy it from my best friend's toy boutique (02) 43851082

Thursday, October 14, 2010


This morning was completely enjoyable. Peaceful even. This evening has been everything but. I understand opposites and how they work. Sometimes I don't understand my three-year-old. Seemingly fine one minute, a raging boy the next. Tears and the smiles. Up then down. This way, that way. My patience is being challenged like never ever before. I know he loves me so why do I seem to be on this side of the rebellion? I think it's time to consult some books. Recommendations appreciated. Pretty please. And thanks for listening (reading).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

where the wildflowers are

On the Coast Walk where high cliffs drop towards an ocean that meets sky. A muma whale plays with her calf and the wildflowers of Spring open to catch the bright, bold light, A 3km walk...a long way for little legs. But the promise of a cookie at home ensures the hills, ants and heat are forgotten.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

taking photos

I always blush when I get an email that compliments my photography. I consider myself an absolute amateur and by no means should I be giving anyone else advice on how to take photos. But...a few of you have asked so here goes:

Yes, I do take all of the photos that I post here. Daniel bought me a compact camera a few years back and although it's a relatively cheap, non-flashy little thing it does have manual setting which means I can adjust the Iso, apature, timing, focus etc. It's been a gem and I've learnt a lot! It also helps to having a partner with a pretty extensive knowledge of cameras and how they work. In saying that, Daniel has only given advice when I've asked for it...and sometimes his constructive critisicm, which I detest at first, has been an enormous help.

I usually take about 20 photos before I capture what I'm after. Che has grown up with a camera stuck to his Muma's face and so he's pretty used to being photographed. However, apparently it's just not cool for a three-year-old to be photographed by his Mum so occassionally he will put his hand up in front of his face. I then tell him that I'm actually taking photos of the flowers behind him. Small white lie, guilty I know, but imagine the regret if he didn't have photos of himself age 3. Just imagine.

Daniel and I are looking at buying the Panasonic GH1 - he's done the research and it's fabulous at stills and HD video - I take the stills, he takes makes the movies. I look forward to the day when that arrives.

Ultimately, what I love about taking photos is the appreciation for finer details. You become more aware of the world around you when you carry a camera in your bag. Everywhere-you-go. It's also incredibly rewarding to take a photo that you're happy with. And to have on film the day your little boy climbed a tree at the park. Get snapping, I say.

Monday, October 4, 2010


A grey long weekend with heavy rain at night and pockets of sunshine in the day. The beach-side Farmer's Market on Sunday morning was brimming with umbrellas, gumboots and French market baskets, We spent up: kumquat marmalade, honey, organic sourdough, salt-bush lamb, apple pie, lemons and Portuguese tarts. And then we ate. For the rest of the weekend. The yumminess was interspersed with homemade chai and copious cups of tea.

Thank you lovelies for all the beautiful birthday wishes. I passed them all on to Che x

PS. Beautiful Aura is having a baby. So sweet.