Tuesday, January 29, 2013

summer : rhythm

Six weeks ago we fell into a beautiful summer rhythm and I don't want to let it go.

It began one morning in mid-December. I got up early with Poet and she stayed by my side as I boiled the kettle and squeezed lemon juice into water. Before long Che was in the kitchen too, inspecting the pantry and begging for pancakes. I looked at my desk with its piles of books, open diary and to-do lists; the scribbles illegible. There were emails that needed my attention and a deadline fast approaching but in that moment I was more aware of the children at my feet and the sun warming the house. 

"I think we'll go to the beach this morning," - an hour later we were swimming in the salty sea.  

We have taken the short drive to the beach at least three times a week this summer. Daniel and I have mastered the beach preparation regime - towel/umbrella/sunscreen/hats/snacks and I have congratulated myself more than once on the purchase of a big French market basket; the ideal beach bag. I have sipped coffee while dipping my feet in the water, watched Che overcome his fear of the deep and shrieked more than once at Poet; the little girl who tumbles with the waves.

The ocean has been my therapy this season; it has calmed me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Many a morning I have swum weightless and looked back towards the shore, so grateful for the little family calling me in. 

This summer will be remembered for our beach jaunts -  a very contended mum and dad with our happy, sandy children. 

How has your summer been? And if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, what part of summer are you most looking forward to?

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summer : a seasonal series

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