Thursday, January 3, 2013


I have completely lost track of time as we wander to and fro, in and out of sun-soaked days (we've been reading Sendak). 

This morning I woke early to a tap on the arm from Che. He wanted so desperately to tell me about his Lego City Police Station. And so, for the first fifteen minutes of my day, I listened to the 'story' of the instruction booklet; how the bits attach to the blocks to make walls and windows. I was most impressed by the coffee machine on the second level of the station - it seems the Lego police officers have a penchant for a cappuccino, naturally.

I got up soon after to make breakfast, reply to emails and shower (loving these natural hair products and this vitalising facial scrub). I've been feeling a little bleh after a sweet and sugary Christmas so I headed to the local organic store for blueberries, natural yoghurt, bananas and almonds. Preparing such snacks mindfully, eating them slowly. 

Later we'll head to the ocean for an evening swim. I've packed a salad, some rye bread, hommus and drinks. We'll stay at the beach till sunset and then we'll drive home for a bath and bedtime stories.

Summer is wonderfully repetitive. 

Happy weekend friends, what are you up to? all those near the bushfires, stay safe x

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