Tuesday, January 22, 2013

my little paris

Let me tell you a story.

When I first began thinking about a career as a writer I envisioned working in Paris. I had no grasp of the French language, still don't, but I wasn't going to let such a tiny, insignificant detail get in the way. My vision really started to blossom when I watched Before Sunset and became completely enamoured with that Parisian apartment (and its resident cat named Che, funnily enough). 

But then I fell in love, I fell pregnant, I became a mum. And as I walked the new path of motherhood I completely forgot about Paris; I left it behind without disappointment or regret. 

Five years later Paris came to me.

In October last year I woke one morning to the most beautiful email from Elsa of My Little Paris. She told me a little bit about the popular website and book; an insight into Paris' best kept secrets - like where to find a one-table restaurant, how to contact a fashion designer and the best private pool that you can rent by the hour. And then she told me about My Little Box - a "gift box" that is sent to over 50,000 subscribers in France and Belgium. Every month the team gather a gorgeous collection of limited edition items -  think luxury beauty products, fashion accessories, boutique stationery, art prints - and pack them in a decorated box ready to send off (from the heart of Paris).

Come February My Little Box will also contain a magazine - My Little World. And in it will be my words, translated into French, sitting alongside my photographs. I've been chosen as one of ten international bloggers/writers to contribute to this monthly magazine and I can't quite believe it. Professionally it's an absolute highlight and personally it's a really lovely validation. 

The first moral of the story? You get what you wish for (in an odd kind of way). And second? You never know who is reading your blog (it could be a magazine editor from Paris). 

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