Saturday, January 5, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Che: Evening walks to talk about his day....and everything this year will bring.
Poet: Ringlets, beads and floral - sweet little girl.

It seems that so many of you would like a link option to create a sense of community with this project. However, others have mentioned the fact that it may get a little 'busy' - not my preferred aesthetic. I'll see how this week goes and if I feel that the link doesn't work for me I'll start a page on my sidebar with a list of links.

It's been so inspiring to hear your plans for 52 in 2013...some bloggers will be photographing their children (one muma is photographing six gorgeous kids!), others are focussing on nature and a few girls have chosen to take photos of their partners. I can't wait to see a plethora of portraits. Let the link love begin.....

Update: Oh my goodness! I am in awe of the response to 52 and absolutely delighted to see so many beautiful faces captured. I estimated that about 40 people would be joining in, not the 188 of you that have! So, in order to keep the link up (it makes it so easy to visit other blogs) and to maintain the 'minimal' aesthetic of Che & Fidel, I've just added a 'read more' option at the end of the post. Till 2/52...

52 in 2012

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