Thursday, January 10, 2013

at the movies with pi

Daniel is a movie buff with an unashamed passion for film. Me? Given the choice I will always choose a Romcom; I like the happy/light/sweet guarantee - simple and uncomplicated.

We have a projector and big screen in our loungeroom so it's rare that we justify a trip to the cinema. But Life of Pi in 3D was a good enough excuse (it's regarded as the best 3D film since Avatar) so Mama took the kids to the library and the park whilst we went to the flicks - mid-morning, so sophisticated. 

I'll admit that I love the novelty of going to "the movies", I love buying popcorn and lemonade, i love switching off for a few hours without the distraction of a crying baby or a pile of dirty dishes.  Whenever the teenage attendant rips my ticket I remember all those faded pieces of paper in my wallet when I was younger - proof of a good social life, or so I thought. While we waited for the curtain to part Daniel and I talked about childhood trips to the cinema. My mum always brought popcorn and sandwiches from home. Daniel's dad always lied about his age or hid him in the back seat at the drive-in. 

As the lights dimmed and I put on those dorky glasses, I escaped into one of my most-loved stories (I always read the book before seeing the film adaptation). Life of Pi had me at the opening scene with its vivid colour and traditional Indian soundtrack. It's a mesmerising film and Pi, well, he's unforgettable.

Tell me, what's your favourite cinema memory? (I'm expecting first kiss stories!)

photo by daniel

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