Tuesday, January 1, 2013

good intentions

We were at the beach early on New Years Day, welcoming 2013 with its glorious blue sky.

I like the fresh start of a new year, its newness and possibilities. I've been thinking about resolutions and good intentions, venturing into this year with a clear mind and an open heart. In 2013 I intend to:

move slowly through the busyness - I've accepted the fact that life isn't going to slow down and that tomorrow won't miraculously contain five extra hours. This year is already looking busy and so, while the deadlines and stories and general to-dos will keep coming, I can be slow and calm amidst it all; for the benefit of myself and my family.

spend 15 minutes, everyday, doing a chore (particularly one I've been putting off) - inspired by Happier at Home, I've already started in the kitchen (under the sink). It's surprising how much can be done in 15minutes, especially if you're working against the clock. Once the junk drawer, craft drawer and pantry are done, I'm moving onto the passport applications (yes, 2013 may contain an overseas trip, or two!)

cook good food and eat it mindfully - my whole food kitchen is coming along, bit by bit (soon, I'll be putting a new shelf up in the kitchen for all my glass jars and their colourful contents). I do love cooking but I have a terrible habit of eating my meals quickly and not really savouring the texture and flavour. A pineapple/mint/ginger juice is now my staple before dinner so chewing each mouthful properly before swallowing is the next step (both aid digestion!). My current favourite wholefood snack? Popcorn cooked in coconut oil, sprinkled with sea salt, eaten while warm. 

read the printed word - I spend so much time reading from the screen so over Christmas I immersed myself in a few books....and I loved it! Ink and paper makes me happy; a good story works wonders for the mind.

save - this year we'll get even closer to our dream cottage (I've set the savings goal rather high).

And what about you...what's your good intention for the year?

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