Wednesday, June 26, 2013

winter : notes from my naturopath

bay leaves growing in popa's garden. I add a few to the pot every time I make chicken stock.

I've almost come full circle with these posts. For a good few years now I've followed the guidance of my naturopath who looks to nature for both healing and wellness. Whilst we all have different constitutions that require different foods and drinks to thrive, I think we can all benefit from recognising the seasons and eating accordingly. 

I often hear people complaining about the "weight" of winter; the tendency to snuggle on the couch and indulge in warming, hearty food. I've begun to see this slowness as a good thing - winter is the season to nurture and conserve. It's the hibernation season where we re-fuel without expelling too much energy. In regards to our body, winter is all about the kidneys. We want to fill our bodies with the full array of minerals to ensure our kidneys stay strong, hence why bone broths are so good for us at this time of year. They form the basis of so many of our winter meals - soups, casseroles, slow cooks - and are beautiful on their own; boosting the immune system, soothing the nervous system.

We look beneath the earth for our vegetables, savouring the sweetness of root vegies, celery and cauliflower (thanks to Ruth I roasted cauliflower last night - drizzled it with olive oil and seasoned with salt & pepper, then served with a generous squeeze of lemon juice and coarsely cut flat-leaf parsley. It accompanied lamb chops and roasted carrots. Yum!). 

There's a few things I'm doing this winter to ensure I stay energised and nurtured:
  • epsom salt baths - a beautiful way to relax, increase circulation and increase magnesium levels
  • burning woody scents, particularly frankincense, to dilate the airways
  • early nights - an absolute must. I've loved having a "bed time" since I wrote this post
  • warm drinks - I'm currently drinking fennel tea to help with my digestion and chai from Calmer Sutra for a sweet pick-me-up (I drink it with half soy - half almond milk)
  • eating slowly - I have a tendency to eat quickly which is a terrible way to enjoy a meal. I've been making more of an effort to slow down, chew and really taste my food as opposed to rushing. 
My organic fruit & veg delivery is brimming with pumpkin, cauliflower, kumera, potatoes and beetroot. What's your favourite winter veg recipe that pleases the whole (or most of) the family?

for those of you currently basking in summer, pop over here to read about cooling the body in the warmer months. 

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