Monday, June 10, 2013

the girl in the garden

clothes gifted by caramel baby & child / photography by alexandrena parker / styling by stefanie ingram

A garden photo shoot complete with a defiant little Poet who always said "No". Her personality is wild, much like her hair. That mop of curls is getting blonder by the day; it's hard to tame and a headache to brush.

She sports the occasional dreadlock and is determined to carry her basket, full of ephemera and beloved toys: a pink camellia, a silk ribbon, a wooden tea cup, a grey bunny, a hair bow and an apple core. She is fiery with affection and charm, completely fearless and absolutely hilarious. If I look closely, behind the curls and blue eyes, I see my reflection; she is so much like me as a child, with English-rose cheeks and a dreamer's gaze. 

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