Sunday, June 9, 2013

the story of home

chunky knits and a handful of crunch from a neighbour's garden / table vignette including blushing bride, eucalyptus and sweet pea, a scalloped candle holder found at Bayside Vintage and the right amount of beeswax, waiting for a flame / nature comes inside and rests awhile on the windowsill, new books to see me through early winter bedtimes

I'm quickly learning that perfection in the family home is neither achievable or desirable. There will always be clothes to fold, toys to pick up, dry bread crusts under the couch. 

I wiped the table just the other day and noticed Che's handwriting ingrained in the surface; the happiness of such a discovery is still with me. The floorboards in our loungeroom are worn from years of fancy footwork, they need more oil, sometime soon. The paint is starting to chip on doorways and sills but last week I wiped down walls with hot water, bicarb and vinegar and it felt like new - good enough. 

Perfectionism is exhausting and I'm starting to let go of it. We had visitors on Friday and they told me that they loved the "lived-in" feel of our home, its authenticity and comfort...its beautiful imperfections.

I hope you can look around your home today and see the story of your family. 

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