Tuesday, June 25, 2013

wellington st. projects

Photo of me by luisa brimble. I'm wearing esencia knit c/o fawn & fox (I've worn it for the past three days - it's freezing here!)

Last week I took the train to Sydney and walked down Broadway in the rain. The muted tones of winter in the city were beautiful, awash with the grey of cloud and drizzle. I met up with Stef at Something for Jess (worth a visit) and then we headed to Wellington St for a shoot*. The warehouse studio was charming; old stable doors and high panelled windows turned it into an inner city light box. The rustic, mis-matched floorboards were covered with summery clothes and a field's worth of paper-wrapped blooms (including cumquats which I was lucky enough to come home with). 

The past few days have been cold and stormy and I'm enjoying wearing wool and chunky socks. But ever since Saturday my thoughts have been consumed by spring; we've just booked a holiday in Bali and come September we'll be there for a month, living in the rice fields of Ubud. I can't wait to experience the vivid colour and heady scents. 

*you'll see me in the August edition of Frankie 

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