Thursday, May 31, 2012

on working from home

When I say I work from home most people assume I stay in my pyjamas all day. Which is true, occasionally. 

Working from home is both wonderful and challenging. I've never had to refuse Poet a breastfeed but sometimes her consistent moans for Muma cease work a little early. Hence I don't work a 9-5 day. Sometimes I get up an hour or so before the sun and I write in the peace that is the early morning. This, for me, is a really productive time. Lately, I've finished work at 1pm and recommenced at 7.30pm when the house is once again quiet. In between magazine articles, research and emails I sip tea made by Daniel and have lunch with the family. I have learnt to never, ever attempt coherent sentences between the hours of 4-6pm (gosh, such a challenging time).

Like all creatives I find that sometimes the words flow and at other times I can spend an hour reading blogs gazing at a blank screen. I've learnt to leave it, put some washing on, get outside for a few minutes. Sometimes my self-discipline is seriously lacking and I have to force myself onto the desk chair and at other times I have to turn the screen off in order to step away. 

When you work from home work is always there. 

I write three-six months in advance for a variety of publications - bridal, health, kids, travel and only occasionally do I grab the magazines and read my stories in print. That's why I love blogging so much, it's instant publication that often prompts immediate feedback. 

For about a year now I have considered adding some sponsorship to my sidebar. I'm an absolute procrastinator so I have seriously gone back and forth, mulling over whether I should or shouldn't. But then I realised that I have the opportunity to support fellow creatives and promote their good work. In turn, they support my art and my family. 

And so you will see, on the sidebar, a few gorgeous ads. And you will only ever see ads that are promoting people who share very similar values to me - who believe wholeheartedly in the beauty and goodness of creativity, sustainability and, often, handmade. If you are interested in sponsorship, of course, I'd be happy to chat with you over email. 

While I would like to stay here all day, writing without the pressure of promised editorial or looming deadline, there is a long list of stories awaiting their first sentence.

Happy Friday!

The big white trestle table is where I work. Photo by the new dad!


  1. I can only imagine how tricky working from home must be, but also such a blessing in other ways. Good on you for adding some sponsorship, a blog as popular as yours deserves that little bit of extra credit.
    (Wondering if I happened to miss the vbac post, or if it hasn't been popped up yet?)
    Happy first day of Winter to you x

    1. The VBAC post is coming Rhiannon...I'm trying to put months of words, advice, guidance into one post. Tricky! Early next week it will be here...x

  2. I'm on mat leave right now, but prior I did work from home a bit. My office was quite a distance away and my clients close to home. The travel was a waste of time so at home I did stuff.
    True! Sometimes I never got out of my pjs too! It's great to be able to take a break, get a load of washing on, start dinner etc... But it can also be lonely and not for everyone (no husband or kids at home for me)
    It' has to be a balance and sounds like you have just that! And what could be better than having lunch with your favorites everyday!!!

  3. Wow Jodi, you so calmly and beautifully wrote about what I had planned to write today... Working from home is tough, a lot of the time I dream of a quiet office especially when the kids are, ahem, challenging.
    Would I prefer not to be near them all day? Never.

  4. Jodi, you are always honest and promote such a calm space here on your blog. Whatever advertising you choose to add doesn't bother me in the least and in fact, I would pay more attention to ads here than many other blogs where I get the feel it is 'only for money'. Like you just said, you wouldn't advertise anything that doesn't share your values and I know your values because you share them here so eloquently and entertainingly. As for working from home, I take my hat off to you and Daniel as it can be very challenging indeed. xx Fi

  5. Oh congratulations on the sponsors! So exciting. Good for you. I've been thinking about adding them to my site but would never have written such an eloquent post about my decision as you did here. Best wishes!

  6. I am not sure how you focus on work with the demands of home life at your feet. A beautifully written post.Exciting news about Tim and Kesh! x

  7. I write from home and always love hearing how other women are doing it. Like you, I find those early morning hours before everyone else gets up to be the most productive, although our nights have been kind of bad lately so I've been sleeping later and missing my prime work time. Productivity comes in ebbs and flows though, so I guess it's ok to hit the occasional slow patch.

    Also, at the risk of sounding copy-catish: my biggest desire now that I graduated and have my professional career somewhat under way is to focus on an extracurricular goal of mine. I'd love to teach prenatal yoga in my spare time. I loved my prenatal yoga class and credit it for empowering me in my preparations for a natural birth (moreso that anything else I did in preparation). I would love to be able to pass on that tool to other pregnant women to similarly encourage them.

    I look forward to more of your posts on writing and any on yoga/pregnancy/birth.

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful blog!

  8. Jodi,
    I see your name flying everywhere but never actually got the chance to read your words, and after reading a few posts, I am actually hooked. I often look at long posts from bloggers and let my eyes dance across the screen for a few moments, and then I move along quickly. Not today! You are amazing! So inspired right now. Sheeeesh!
    Thank you! xx

  9. I too work half the week at home doing the creative stuff and the other part of the week doing the other stuff. I like being around for the school pick up and the quietness of being at home by myself, am interested to see how it all goes when i have another baby in Sept. Also very intersted to hear about your VBAC post as I am looking into this now.

  10. I think so many people dream of working from home - but don't realise the challenges that it must also bring! P.S. I heart your trestle table.

  11. It looks like I may be following your footsteps Jodi and taking up freelance in a few months so I can stay at home with Phiney. I may be calling on you for advice!

    A lovely little set up you have there - we're sorting out a desk now in preparation for the time when I need to work again...!

    Also, I would love to take an ad spot in a couple of months. Working on some really exciting things right now (another way to keep me from having to return to the office!) so once that's up and running, i'm there. If you'll have me ;) xx

  12. Yes, It's a difficult one the question of sponsorship - but I think you've probably got the balance right. I'm a fan and follower of Rebekka at Dear Friend and she's seems like the kind of person that ticks all the boxes for your values - so I think you're on the right track!

    Lots of luck in your home-working endeavors.
    Fleur xx

  13. Beautiful photo, enjoy your weekend with your beautiful family! xx

  14. Jodi it is my dream to work from home. I run a small business fulltime so am in the office 5 days a week, and I am about to embark on a huge shift in my career and reduce my working days to focus on my writing, from home. I am thrilled to be FINALLY making the move. I am also petrified. I would love to pick your creative mind sometime.

    Lovely to have this insight, thank you for sharing Jodi. xo

  15. Congratulations, Jodi! I think it's great that you can get something back for all the inspiration you give in this space. The sponsors seem to fit so seamlessly, too... a coincidence that they're all colour coordinated? ;) xx

  16. P.S - I'm sitting behind that trestle tables twin! ;) x

  17. Oh goodness the work from home gig is so challenging! I did 15 hours freelance writing/editing while at home with baby #1 but now with two babies I'm struggling! It sounds like you have a great balance Jodi xx