Sunday, June 20, 2010

texture and shapes in nature

a wing caught, the swirl of old man's beard and the roar of golden fire light.

An afternoon into evening in the garden where I grew up - noticing the details that I've walked past so many times before. It's a ritual to have a BBQ every Sunday evening - to snuggle around the fire and look for the squawking cockatoos overhead. Now Che gets to be in on the ritual too.

Daniel has been teaching me how to use the manual focus feature on my little camera. My camera is literally a point-and-shoot but it does have the ability to use the manual features and so it has been a fabulous learning tool. I think it proves that you don't need to spend thousands to take a good (enough) photo - although the plan is to start saving for a super-duper canon soon.

I'm solo-parenting this week as Daniel is in Melbourne (his hometown) to do a little bit of work and to marvel at his sexy new bike that will be delivered on a transport truck which will no doubt make Che's whole year. A new motorbike and a big truck. "Oh that's cool man," he said.

A big huge thank you for all your parenting support and book recommendations. I took it all on board. And isn't it interesting the comfort you feel when you know you're not alone - when others affirm that they too are being challenged by a little boy just like yours. x


  1. That last picture is gorgeous.


  2. Jodi your images are beautiful. Using the manual focus gives some lovely images. We too only just recently upgraded from a point and shoot to a nixon (entry level dslr) and it is soooo much fun. But I still had LOADS of fun creating wonderful images with our pentax pocket digital.
    Happy Solstice xxx

  3. Every now and then, I get such a kick, looking through a camera lens and seeing, REALLY SEEING. Great shots, Mrs.

  4. A new motorbike sounds like fun, will you ride on the back?

    I love these photos. No 2 is my favourite. Looks like a redback web.