Sunday, June 6, 2010

and there was sun

Just so you know I have no intention of turning this blog into a weather report for the East Coast. But the sun did come out over the weekend and on Saturday morning I leaped to the washing line with baskets of laundry in tow. I had a little giggle to myself, imagining all those mothers in nearby neighbourhoods doing just the same. To be politically correct, I re-imagined fathers hanging washing on the line too.

So the weekend was lovely, simple but nice.

And then this morning I taught a yoga class and afterwards headed to the shops with Che. We were doing our fortnightly grocery shop, Che was a little tired and then all of a sudden, in the middle of Woolworths' fruit & vegie dept he vomits everywhere, I caught most of it, attempted to get a plastic bag from the turny-thing (with one hand because as you can imagine, the other hand was busy) and tried so hard not to curse the twenty or so people around me who just looked the other way.

We left, of course, and my shopping is probably still sitting in the trolley next to the strawberries.

Che's response: "Oh muma, that was really yucky!".

"Yes darling, I know."


  1. Oh! Poor darling and poor Mama. What a shame no one attempted to help.

    It is definitely usually the Mama hanging the clothes out in this house, so you were right on our account in any case. :)

  2. I just had to giggle Jodi, same thing happened to me this morning with Luke(at Woollies as well). I normally do online grocery shopping so I figure this was Luke's way of letting me know he didn't like grocery shopping. He had been complaining, he has been fine since he got home, jumping and running about!!
    Hope your little one is feeling better.

  3. Yucky indeed. I hope he's OK and that was the last of it.

  4. Oh no! I hope he's feeling better. I cannot belive nobody helped you. So sad :-(

    The sun was lovely wasn't it.

  5. Oh Che Che get well soon little man. Oh love Jodi hope os is ok and good on you mummy, reflexes of a yogi...hehehe..lots of love. Hope to see you thursday.

  6. hello jodi

    hope your little man is feeling better. so many moments in motherhood where one gets so tangled up in chaos. you feel so embarrassed and alone at times, but we all feel it. would love so much to come to mon am class if possible in a few weeks? heres to a bit more sunshine!

    xx jill

  7. Oh it's when we are without the sun for so long we appreciate it the most! Hope the little man is better quickly...what a place to be sick Jodi!

  8. Poor little guy!

    I have totally been there.

    Once Noah vomited all over a cafe table. The waitress just looked at us, I was (unbeknownst to me) a week from giving birth to Scout, and it was the middle of December. So there I was heavy and hot, with vomiting toddler. I somehow managed to get some cloths, cleaned the whole damn place, and hot footed it out of there - red faced and totally humiliated. The waitress was such a cow. I didn't expect her to clean it up, but she could have been more empathetic.

    I feel your pain. Hope Che Che is feeling so much better today. xxx

  9. Oh my goodness- this happened to North just over a week ago in the car. I had to pull over and strip him down to his nappy. His carseat was absolutely soaked in vomit. I was about 3 minutes from home so I took the back streets slowly and put him in the front seat. I felt like such a horrible mother. To top it all off I didn't have wipes or anything. I feel for you. These are the things you can never imagine you'll experience as a mother. Stomach flus are going around. Hope he's better now. North got over it quickly and then it hit me. We all seem to be better now. xo m.