Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to buy Che a little wooden recorder at the op-shop yesterday. It went with him to bed last night and he hasn't put it down all day. In gumboots and his winter gear he closely resembles the pied piper (although the pp was probably a little more in tune). The high-pitched squeaky noise is starting to grate but he loves it. So much. I can't bear to take it away. I just have to tell him he can't play it while I'm driving. Or while I'm sleeping. Or waking up. Or writing. Or...

We discovered a neighbour's garden today...sure it was wet and soggy but a gigantic liquid amber and a lemon tree bearing fruit turned it into a bit of a treasure. Lemon meringue pie is on the cards for the weekend.

I'm feeling a little disenchanted with everything at the moment, I'm blaming the weather. Surely some sunshine would make everything seem a little more colourful,

Excuse my whinge. Writing here makes me feel better.


  1. Did you keep that leaf? It would be beautiful to laminate and turn into a bookmark, or ornament. Even hanging in the window would be lovely with the light through it.

    And I know how you feel, I am so blue if the sun hasn't been out. I feel completely outside myself. Even when I go back and read my blog through the Winter months, I can completely see a shift in personality.

    I hope the sun comes out for you, soon!

  2. A whinge shared is a whinge halved, right? I think that's it. Hope the lemon meringue pie helps to chase the blues away.You are within your rights to hide the recorder at some point too, cute as Che looks with his little pipe and boots. We won't tell DOCS about the breach of his rights.

  3. I hear what you say about the weather and your mood. I'm positive this constant rain has made me feel blue the last 2 weeks.

  4. I love that leaf. The sun is just starting to shine where I am, and my mood has brightened.

  5. Rain is a fabulous excuse to curl up in a blanket with a good book, don't you think? Or for teaching Che the proper way to jump in puddles!

  6. I only wish that my whinges could look so beautiful! I am sure harmony will return and hopefully for the recorder and your sanity soon

  7. Bend and stretch. I am bending and stretching to restore sanity. Breathe. You're good at these things. But yes, the weather's got me too. Sigh.
    That plant to Che's right (our left), what is it? Is it in your garden? Could I dig a little? I can give you plenty of parsley seedlings in return, or coriander seed, or lemons from the lemon tree.

  8. Ah we have sun today and I feel so much better. Love that you are *tolerating* the musician in your midst. ;)

  9. I learnt how to play the violin when I was about 10. I remember myself as displaying remarkable abilities and much promise - my parents recall me as being absolutely hopeless despite my constant practice and my baby brother would howl whenever I played.

    I never quite understood that story until I bought B a little recorder . . . it was hidden pretty quickly :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and lemon meringue pie. x

  10. I bought my friends little one a loudish wooden instrument once... thinking now it may not have been a good idea! Although, Che does look very sweet in his woodland piping outfit.

    I hope you're feeling a bit better today, there was some sun this morning here. I hope it shined on your house too. x