Saturday, June 26, 2010

sun day

we woke, we pottered and we played.
che's little legs walked him all the way up the hill and he chased the wrens all the way down.
i'm loving wool, cashmere and mohair.
the warmth of wrapping up and staying in.


  1. i hear ya mama, me too on the cashmere and wool.

  2. Reader delurking here:0)
    beautiful pictures today,I especially love the one of the sea.

  3. I was up before 6am for a morning walk through Bouddi and we stopped to look out to sea and there was a whale spouting way offshore. Three whales, we think. Gorgeous. When we started walking the moon was still in the sky and then the sun rose. Magic stuff.

  4. beautiful shots. looks like you had the most cozy of weekends.

  5. I got engaged on top of that steep hill! Thank you for sharing this photo!