Monday, June 7, 2010

close to home

We stayed close to home today and stayed away from Woolworths (I actually managed to venture there by myself which is always so much easier and so much quicker). Che is doing better and apart from looking a little pale he is his usual self.

A few days ago someone asked me how old he is and it dawned on me that it's only a couple of months till his third birthday. 3. That's so big. He's proving to be a little entertainer who isn't afraid of telling people what he thinks - I admire his confidence and the way he remains completely unaware of social etiquette. If he doesn't want to talk to someone he won't and he's managed to develop this utterly comical snarl/frown that seems to scare people away. With his hands on his hips and the regular tapping of the foot he is coming into his power because, well, he's almost three.

At least he still says:

"I wuv you soooo much muma."

Oh the joy.

Photos taken in the magical garden a few doors down. I told him there were elves in the tree and so each time we visit he calls out to them. Today he thought it would probably work better if he brought his microphone. Ahem!


  1. That's so precious. What a wonderful point you're coming to as a Mother. You get to watch everything you and your partner have taught that little one come into form as he develops a personality of his own.

  2. Glad the little possum is feeling better. Sounds like he is coming into his own too!

  3. I love the autumn leaf photos. They are so fleeting in the grand scheme of the yearly rhythm.

  4. Magic.

    loved your story about "little red"

  5. So glad Che is feeling better.

    Wonderful photos of a magical morning.

  6. Gorgeous photos.

    Its lovely that you have a garden of elves so close ;-)

  7. What fantastic photos - that garden looks like the perfect place for a wild imagination. I think it is the type of place Che will remember forever...