Tuesday, September 16, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 9

I generally don't like the wind. It makes me feel irritable and flighty. I usually stay inside with the windows shut. But yesterday Dada wanted to fly his kite so we headed to the local park and as the wind whipped around us I realised how beautiful wind-swept photos are. It's so easy to capture movement when a breeze is around. Gratitude, today, for the wind.

My favourite skirt - red, patchwork, gypsy-style, handmade...$6 op-shop treasure;

Che loves the wind, he loves the feeling of it on his face. Apparently he thinks my jokes are pretty funny. Fresh air + funniness = lots of giggles;


  1. MMm, Scout laughs every time I blow in her hair, and same applies when we're in the wind.. Funny. I love that skirt, it's gorgeous.

    Beautiful photos of you and Che.

  2. love the new header my dear!! very stylish