Sunday, September 7, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 3

Is it possible to be grateful for the nature strip? That bit of grass between someone's house and the street? Yes, I think it is. And today I am bursting with gratitude. Because my lovely Dad found a little red wagon a few weeks ago. The most adorable vintage red wagon that Che fits in so well. And soon when Che is old enough and strong enough he will be able to pull it along himself. His very own little red wagon. Shouldn't every little boy have one? Yes, I think so.

My parents still live in the little cottage I grew up in. I love that I can take Che there and see him explore the garden that I watched my Mum and Dad grow. And yesterday he chased the chickens for the first time. With no fear or worry he had a chat with one hen;

shared some herbs with the others;

and followed them all to the vegie patch;

Gratitude for the opportunity to let Che explore the garden I grew up in. An abundant garden tended with love. A set of little hands to touch its grass and a little mouth to taste its treasures.


  1. Oh my Gosh - what a find, that cart is fantastic! I'd be grateful to the nature strip as well!!!

  2. I had been off-line for a few weeks and so just read several of your posts. Ahhh. I love it here. Thanks for the refreshing wisdom and beautiful photographs.

  3. What a beautiful little wagon - that looks like heaps of fun. As does chasing the chickens!

  4. some of my favourite things have come from beside the road! That's a great wagon.

  5. What great photos, with the chooks and the red wagon and your little boy!

  6. what a glorious afternoon - Che will enjoy many more happy days in that garden. Yes, little red wagon is what every little kid could make good use of :)