Monday, September 29, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 16

When I started this blog I thought I would post a few photos every now and then to share with friends and family overseas. Six months on and it has become a little bit more than that. It seems that there are quite a few of you that visit regularly, people that I have never met before. Funnily enough you seem to have a fair bit in common with me and no doubt if we lived in the same neighborhood we'd regularly meet up for coffee and cake.

For now I'm enjoying the sweetness of comments and loving the opportunity to wander around and find out what you have been up to.

And I'm bursting with gratitude...I'm very flattered. Because last week two lovely ones - madeline and megan gave me blog awards. Thank you so much ladies. The rules say I have to pick seven of my favourite blogs (14 because I got two awards)...but I couldn't just pick 14. You know I like your blog if I've ever left a comment so please, accept this award!

Potty Mouth Mama has also tagged me. Here's how to play...

1) Link to the person who tagged you
2) Mention the rules
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself
4) Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged

I'm finding it a bit hard to grasp the concept of quirky/boring but here goes:

1. Apparently I sound like a magazine when I talk. I didn't figure this one out - Daniel did. Apparently I have the ability to say the absolute perfect sentence at the right time and that deems me 'magazine talker' worthy.

2. For the entire year of my HSC I studied. 4 hours each weeknight, 8 hours a day on the weekend. It worked, I got the mark I needed. I still can't believe my discipline.

3. I used to work at Alannah Hill. For those of you that know her designs you'll understand that it wasn't your average retail fashion job. I had to wear heels, red lipstick and flowers or feathers (the more the better) in my hair - all the time. It was my closest experience to being in a bubble. I'd be dressed head-to-toe in pink/floral/lace/roses etc etc looking like a little doll and I would feel completely normal. It was when I stepped out onto the street that I realised how over the top I looked. Oh the looks!

4. I've written a book on bridal fashion. I had 8 weeks to interview Australia's top 20 bridal designers and write 20,000 words on the history and style of wedding gowns.

5. Yoga changed my life. I began practicing at the studio where I was taught by Mardi. I was planning on heading for London to escape heartache but decided against it because of a big tax bill. Thank goodness for the tax bill. I began studying yoga to become a teacher, Mardi introduced me to her son...Daniel and I fell in love, 5 months later we were pregnant, we got engaged, our baby boy turns one tomorrow. It literally changed my life.

6. I've been christened twice. Once in the Anglican church, once in the Catholic church. Funny thing is, I don't go to church.

And finally...6 others who should share their quirky/boring (isn't that a contradiction?) personal facts...

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Must go...I have birthday presents to wrap. Oh I'm so excited for our little boy tomorrow!


  1. hmm, think I'm gonna leave this one till next week, will have to see what I can come up with.

  2. Wow you were quick with your 6 things.
    I feel the same about the blogging too. It is such a great way to feel connected to a community. And I love your blog!
    I hope Che has a fantastic day, firsts are the best.