Wednesday, September 24, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 14

One of those days.
One of those weeks.
snotty nose
bad cough
unsettled sleep
bump on the head
not interested in food
diagnosed ear infection
fall down the stairs
bleeding mouth
cut lip
swollen lip
guilty muma

...and then I met a lady called Liz. A nurse and Australian Breastfeeding Association representative. Who told me that in a baby's first year breastmilk should be their number one source of everything. Food comes second. Breastmilk is magical. Breastmilk will help heal his cut lip and keep him energised and vitalised while he recovers from his infection. I shouldn't worry about how much 'food' he is eating, I shouldn't worry that he is just a little tucker. He is happy and active and loved - the keys to growth.

Did you know that the world average length for breastfeeding is four years? And the western average is three months. Are western mothers ignoring the basic and most vital part of mothering? How can a jar of formula be more appealing than a soft, cushiony breast?

"So many mothers think that because they loose the Dolly Pardon 'look' they think their milk has dried up. There is no truth in that at all - it's just a natural change the body undergoes as it adjusts to feeding. There is still plenty of milk in those breasts," says Liz.

I was thinking I would wean Che at around this time - 12 months. But no, that won't be happening. I will keep feeding him all that natural goodness until he decides that perhaps he'd rather have a babychinno. Marshmallow on the side.

I doubt Liz will read this but today I am grateful to her and her comforting, reassuring words. Because sometimes, as a mum, you just need a bit of reassurance. You need to be told you're doing the right thing.

I needed to be reminded that I have a little boy.

And little boys tend to
and fall
and bump
and bruise.

At the moment
I can hear a giggle
and this makes me smile
so much.
I am so grateful
for a giggle
for happiness, healing and health.


  1. Poor little thing. Yes, my boy is still quite unwell. You are very fortunate to come across someone like that. You hear so much crap about breastfeeding. To look at me you would think I have nothing..geez my chest is almost concave but he gets what he needs.Still, it's awful when they are miserable. Hope he gets better soon.

  2. Oooh good post. Bad days happen, but you're not a bad mama because of that. Never think that. Your little man is cherished. A little bruise here, a little cut there, that's part of childhood. Sometimes I think those things effect us more than they effect the little ones.

    Motherguilt.. It's such an ugly thing we could all do without, isn't it?

    And as for breastfeeding, I love it. Scout bit me so hard tonight, and I screeched, she turned her head slowly and smiled this huge gummy (except for two little sharp teeth) smile.. I wouldn't give it up for anything.

  3. Oh jod's,
    All before the party. I can help in anyway.
    Your poor little man is having a rough time. You and all you have to offer (boobies and all) will be his best medicine.

    Love kind to yourself lovely

  4. You're doing a great job! It's tough when they hurt - you can't always prevent everything. But those giggles mend all.

  5. I would have loved to have a "liz" in my life when B was small....I am happy you do. I hope the little dear feels better are such a good momma.

  6. You and your blog are fabulous. Hang in there. It all gets easier and easier. I have nominated you for a blog award. See my blog. : )

  7. Yes, it does get easier... but some things don't change. I have an 11-year-old as well as a toddler and as a mum you always feel their pain - no matter how old they are - and you always want to absorb it and make it all better...
    You are doing so well. You are a beautiful, perfect, mother.
    Thank you for this post, and for your lovely honest blog.

  8. I fed continuously for six years - both my boys were just over three when they weaned. I loved every moment of it but I have to admit I was happy when I finally stopped. I never really worried about what they were eating - I knew they were getting everything they needed.
    The world should be filled with more 'Liz' people - those who support and comfort rather than the silly nurse I encountered who chastised me because Julian wasn't really into solids by six months. Silly, silly lady.
    ps I think my niece Karen discovered the Gratitude post idea through you - thank you, it's been lovely.

  9. 2 years 4 months and 6 days of breast feeding Minnie. I just hope with all my heart that one day I get to do it again. I missed out on all that magical time with Alice Buttons... Enjoy every minute of it with Che. And Happy
    1st birthday for the weekend.

  10. so many times have I been grateful for breastmilk, the "cure-all". I fed fin for 14 months, willow for 9(he was a biter!), and I plan to feed jasper for as long as possible. Yay for booby boys!

  11. beautiful post. I know MUCH about motherguilt, my favourite quote on "those" kind of days: don't look back at your scars, look ahead to your stars. xo