Friday, September 19, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 11

Yesterday I got out of bed and wrote a to-do list. It was long. And I was a little disappointed about my lack of spring cleaning...September will be over in 10 days time and there hasn't been much 'decluttering' going on.

Instead of staying inside, surrounded by the sight of a fairly messy house I closed the door behind me and went out for coffee. Coffee seems to inspire my organisation skills, creativity too.

Today, the air was warm and while Che slept I opened up the house and dusted away. It felt good to clean, to make things pretty, and it made me realise how much I adore warm days.

I love the spontaneity of life in Spring and Summer. Waking up in the warmth and throwing a dress on - no need to worry about layering. Lazy days at the beach, evenings spent at the local pizzeria, ice-cream at odd times of the day.

This afternoon I happened to witness Baby Che in his first ardho muktasana (downward facing dog pose). He stretched in the sunshine, the sand between his toes, fingers and teeth. My Baby Yogi connected to the earth beneath him.

I'm so grateful that we can take our living 'outside'.


  1. I can so not believe that Sept is nearly over already. This year is just a bit too speady for me!

  2. I am so jealous...we are moving into fall, then winter....winters are pretty tough in Portland..lots of clouds and rain. Although I have to say Fall and Spring are my favorite time of year...maybe it isn't so terrible after all. I love these photos so much!

  3. Jodi I wonder if you realize how absolutely beautiful your blog is.Che's downward dog is a delight,but I am blown away by the beauty of you both in last Tueday's post (No.9) the last picture. Your expressions are very precious.The memories you are building with these photos are something to truly cherish.Your son is such a happy lucky little soul to have you and your husband's inner beauty surrounding him.You all shine.Big time.Good for you battling the windy weather too.It blows me around also and I tend to hide away.This all brings back wonderful memories for me, the sheer delight of two people raising an awesome little being.

  4. Spring has that affect on me too..suddenly it becomes imperative to declutter, and get outside.
    he is enjoying his yoga - that's wonderful :)Do you teach him?

  5. I'm grateful to not be wearing socks anymore!

  6. love your downward dog darling! Love Mama x

  7. true. so nice to reflect on the opposite season. As you move outside i'm getting ready to cozy up in the new home...i'm looking forward to a log in the fireplace.
    mmmm coffee.