Thursday, August 15, 2013

simple - good - free

The past few days have been abundant with almost-spring sunshine and homegrown gifts, including:

/ a bountiful bunch of greens from Popa's garden (our fresh juices are monster green!)

/ lemons from a backyard tree, delivered in a paper bag

/ wild freesias. I am pushing the definition of "gift" here as I may have ran into a neighbour's garden and picked as many flowers as I could before they opened their blinds and demanded I get off their property

/ nasturtiums; from Mama's garden

/ eggs, from the chooks that Poet likes to chase. Yolks imbued with herbs, an entire meal within an ivory shell

/ a bag of mandarins left on the front doorstep. I'm still unsure who or where they came from but I'm grateful all the same

What's growing in your (or your neighbour's) garden? 

Happy weekend!

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