Sunday, August 4, 2013

seven | practicing simplicity

pink magnolias; so beautiful, so fleeting

Take a walk and get distracted.

Slightly contradicting my past suggestions I know, but bear with me. Both my children have taught me the beauty of walking slowly and meandering. There is no need to rush in their world and so they take their time; often distracted by the cracks in the pavement, fallen leaves or a trail of ants. Regardless of how "big" they think they are, their world is still the minutiae - for now but not for long.

When we walk I'm the one that hurries them along, often needing to get home and see to work or chores or general to-dos. But sometimes I give in and the ten minute walks takes an entire hour - I surrender to a slow pace and an open mind and I'm all the better for it. It's an entirely rejuvenating way to start or end the day; when I follow their lead we all return home contented and calm. 

So: open the door, step outside and start walking. Look up and down and all around (and leave your phone at home). 

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