Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"heavy, petal"

"Heavy, Petal"  in Frankie - photography by Luisa Brimble, concept and styling by Stefanie Ingram

Back in June I walked from Central Station to Wellington St and ended up in a light-box of a warehouse. Luisa and Stef were creating a floral shoot for Frankie magazine and they wanted me to hide behind flowers. The Sisters delivered armfuls of the season's best blooms and fruits and Stef created the bouquets to match the clothes (and the fabric wallpaper). It was beautiful to watch it all come together. 

Aside from the pleasing aesthetics it was a privilege to witness a dedicated and determined creative realise her dream. Back in Tasmania, Luisa told me that she wanted to shoot editorial; a hard task in a country with countless talented photographers and not many publications. But Luisa is one of the most hard-working people I know and within a year of our Tassie trip she has established herself as a renowned photographer with a distinct feminine style. She has worked every weekend, she has worked for free, she has organised styled shoots, collaborated with other creatives, travelled the length of the East Coast and created a soon-to-be-published magazine. She's an inspiration! She is also a brilliant example of the power of blogging -  by publishing our thoughts, opinions and creative work online we are reaching out to like-minded people who, in turn, introduce us to others. Never underestimate where your words or photos will take you.

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