Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a list

native Australian pom poms (wattle) / this bunch of yellow tulips made me smile all week (a lovely gift from fresh flowers)

If you want something done, ask a busy person. So true. When I don't have deadlines I lapse into a slow, unproductive rhythm but when my diary is full I can respond to long forgotten emails and plant seedlings, wash the bed linen, bake school treats. 

I'm finding it slightly difficult to go from magazine editorial to blog writing at the moment; there's so many things I could write about here but they're all flowing into each other with little coherency. So I'll take Pip's and Kate's lead and follow a list (I received Kate's book, Vantastic, a few weeks ago and it's an absolute gem. If you're passionate about family, travel, crafting and caravanning, this is the book for you). 

I am...

making : progress on work, taking it all one day at a time.
cooking : chicken stock, vegie soup, greens in garlic, tamari, ginger and coconut oil.
drinking : coffee, ginger tea, lots of fresh juice.
reading : the final chapter of Welcome to Your New Life - Anna Goldsworthy's writing is exquisite.  
wanting : to get to a yoga class (as a student). 
looking : for hats and sandals - spring is here!
playing : in the sandpit with Poet (and a heap of my kitchen utensils).
wasting : time looking out the window.
sowing : seeds for an abundant summer garden - fingers crossed.
wishing : for safe and joyous travels.
enjoying : the glorious sun that brings with it warmth and energy and the promise of longer days.
waiting : for Daniel to come home from work
liking : the quiet when the kids are with their grandparents.
wondering : how my perspective might shift when I experience a different way of living (and being). 
loving : early bedtimes and the calm mornings that naturally follow.
hoping : that my plans for a workshop will come to fruition.
marvelling : at Che's vocabulary and Poet's determination. 
needing : a new swimming costume
smelling : lemon balm, eucalyptus oil, wild freesias.
wearing : more cotton and less wool. 
following : Petite Kitchen and Digestible Kitchen and thinking that both these girls are pretty inspiring. 
noticing : that I am writing a lot of lists - lists of things to write, supplies to buy, clothes to pack. 
knowing : it will all be ok. 
thinking : I should go and put the washing on the line. 
bookmarking : organic cafes in Ubud. 
opening : sweet parcels from across the seas. 
giggling : at my pregnancy intuition - I'm ridiculously good at guessing when someone is pregnant. 
feeling : happy, hopeful, loved and lucky. 

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