Monday, July 1, 2013

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Living a less-distracted life : de-cluttering my inbox.

I'm so passionate about de-cluttering my physical space but when it comes to the virtual I'm just plain slack. I'm embarrassed to admit that last week my inbox was bulging with 20,000+ emails. There's a few reasons why:
  • I never deleted unwanted emails
  • I read emails on my phone and promptly forgot to reply, hence they just sat there
  • I didn't have an allocated "email" time and therefore dealing with the 50+ emails a day was never a priority
I'm treating my inbox like a cupboard that's too jammed-packed with "stuff" that I can't even close it. I'm deleting and sorting and making good intentions to stay on top of it all by doing the following: 
  • I'm allocating two times a day to check emails, ultimately limiting the distraction of an email here, an email there
  • I read the email, reply and then file/delete
  • if I don't have time to reply, I mark the email as "unread"
  • I've unsubscribed from all companies who send too many emails (once a month is acceptable, three a week is not)
So: de-clutter your virtual letterbox, it's somewhat satisfying.

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