Monday, July 22, 2013

five | practicing simplicity

curled up on linen, wearing mismatched socks and pants that were once full length

Living a less-distracted life: tune out, switch off.

I spend a lot of time on my laptop; it's a necessary part of my work life and it's also where I indulge in a little creativity - writing, editing photos, seeking inspiration. But lately, as I've had deadline after deadline to exhaust me, I've made a conscious decision to stay away from the computer and its long list of distractions.

Steering clear of the laptop gets me out of my head - quite literally. I stop thinking and start doing. I'm more aware of my body because I'm moving it, taking strides, stretching skyward. I use my hands differently too; instead of the monotonous tap, tap, tap, I hold a littler hand in mine, I touch salt water and sand, I massage the earth whilst gardening and ground myself in the best possible way. 

By switching off I find clarity; creative inspiration and much-needed perspective. 

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