Tuesday, July 2, 2013

three / 52

three favourites from The 52 Project

Che - 3/52 : this sunkissed capture represents the summer before he started school - a warm, happy, carefree few months
        - 15/52 :  basked in autumn light at the breakfast table; he sits here most mornings and chats to me
        - 20/52 : nearing winter and whistling as he walks; I can hear him when I look at this shot

Poet - 8/52 : I adore her happiness and joy; it's such a common sight and yet I haven't captured it very often this year
         - 10/52 : I love the drama in this shot; ironic consider it's a one-year-old telling me she needs an apple
         - 18/52 : straight from a storybook, I hope I always remember the way she walked up the path, stopped, and smelled the rose

We are halfway through the year and as I try to comprehend just how fleeting it has been, I find comfort in the 52 portraits I have captured. As I look at the photos together I see a story - of their childhood and my motherhood. I'm grateful.

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