Friday, October 26, 2012

pottery green bakers

Sometimes when we drive into the city we stop at Gordon for a coffee and a bite to eat. Yesterday we discovered Pottery Green Bakers - a tiny, bustling cafe with definite quirk. Daniel and I both agree that it looks a little like an urban terrarium; if it were a movie it would be Tim Burton's baby.

There's wilted wildflowers in steel urns and freshly baked sourdough lining the wall. Plants are suspended from old shipping pulleys and lights dangle from exposed beams. A French lounge sits in the corner, friends huddle around low tables.

Design aesthetic: rustic opulence. Coffee: best I've had in months.

Which begs the question - how do you like your coffee? And where do you buy yours?

ps. sarah...thanks for introducing yourself. it was so lovely to meet you x

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