Wednesday, October 3, 2012

wool, paper, string

...and strawberries. Party celebrations left me a little weary so I've been pottering these past few days; drinking tea and catching up. Strangely I've also decided to switch the children's rooms around. There's a bigger floor space in Poet's room - and Che needs it for lego construction and grand imaginary cities. We moved the beds yesterday but there's still the books, artwork and clothes to go. Hence I'm relishing in the quiet and calm of these photos because my house is anything but.

Che was spoilt with thoughtful gifts this week and I'm wondering where they will all live. Later today we're going to sort through his books and take some down to the op-shop. I've already passed on his too-small clothes to a few sweet little boys who wear those tees and shorts oh so well. But the growing collection of toys, lego and miscellany is challenging my desire for simple and uncluttered...what to do?

Thankfully, Poet's scenario is a little different (although she's had significantly fewer birthdays). Gifts arrived in the post this week...the sweetest rabbbit tee from tabitha & hugo and the most glorious handknit from happy circus - in a moody charcoal with wooden buttons, it's going to be perfect for next winter.  

My Heart Wanders arrived too and was wrapped so beautifully by the gorgeous Pia that I admired it for a few hours before untying the string. Yesterday, once the kettle was boiled and I had a cup of tea in hand, I snuck into Poet's room, closed the door, and indulged in stories of cities far away. And then I napped - for the first time in months - and I remembered the beauty of sleep. 

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