Thursday, October 11, 2012

spring, where are you?

Winter has returned with a sharp, cold wind; there's snow on the mountains and the southerly is icy. 

So, here I am today, with my scarf and slippers and ginger tea, watching the gums violently sway right outside my window, wondering where oh where has spring disappeared to. With low grey skies and cold fingers I'm feeling slightly unmotivated. Poet is sleeping in the big, warm bed and I'm tempted to join her and nap all afternoon. 

I'm planning a big pot of vegetable soup for later on; leeks and corn and broccoli too. Tonight I'll light my beeswax candles and cuddle under a blanket with my new book and a cup of tea (the perfect way to use the last sliver of just-picked-from-the-tree lemons).

Wishing you a warm, nourishing weekend. What tea will you be drinking? 

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