Saturday, April 7, 2012

from the apple isle: the maker

Tea-stained autumn leaves have crept into the maker and lie huddled together in corners. The tracks from the old jam factory were uncovered during renovations - plum stones still visible in the earth. A soy candle burns on the front desk - the scent of fresh linen wafting around paper and trinkets.

Too much misspent time in antique stores prompted Leonie Struthers to open the maker two years ago. The aesthetic is inspired by her clothing range - sculptural pieces created from natural fibres - wool, linen, cotton. 

Simplicity reigns supreme here, a neutral colour palette inspires a sense of calm and quiet. Vintage finds sit happily next to hand-crafted bird's nests. Miniature porcelain jugs are lined up on the windowsill. The cash register is a real one, an old one, a ca-ching one.

the maker is small, beautiful and inviting; a showcase of contemporary Tasmanian art. Indeed, the shop is brimming with the handiwork of local craftsmen and women. Leonie refers to them as "the makers." 

If you visit Hobart, you must pop in. You will love it, I promise.  

Photos by Luisa


  1. Beautifully written Jodi (and photographed, Luisa!).

    I reckon I could handle hanging out in that joint for quuuiiite some time!

    P.S - Happy Easter to you and yours, lovely lady! xx

    1. I did think of you while I was there Claire. I think you would have wanted one of everything. x

  2. Jodi, you write so beautifully, how I wish I could 'thread words' the way you do. X

  3. looks and sounds like a feast for the senses, i wanna go!

  4. I am loving your blog...newest follower! = )

  5. Lovely photos - I don't think I've ever been there - I'll have to make a note of it for my next visit to the "big smoke"! :)

  6. Your Tassie series has me seriously hankering for a trip to Tasmania. One day. xx