Saturday, December 3, 2011


this weekend I...
  • came to terms with the fact that the washing fairy doesn't exist
  • wondered why our summer has, so far, been pretty wintry
  • got angry at the lego
  • made 'Christmas Lights' wrapping paper with Che (painted dots on paper)
  • ate brie on baguette for lunch
  • discovered that a 21-month-old friend of mine has more coordination that I'll ever have
  • wrote a budget for Christmas (the numbers aren't adding up!)
  • realised that one tidy room in the house is good enough
  • taught a pre-natal class and missed the rubbing of my pregnant belly
  • congratulated myself for mentally repeating "do not get attached" when Poet slept 12 hours last week
  • suddenly remembered what it's like to have a baby who feeds all. night. long
  • had an afternoon nap
  • relished in the sipping of a cappuccino
  • sat under a willow tree and watched children run around the vegie garden
  • kissed Poet's incredibly chubby and squeezable cheeks
  • admired my new vintage basket
  • cuddled with Che and read Christmas stories
  • took photos with Daniel and later, compared notes on composition, lines and lenses.
  • decided that an early night would probably be best


  1. sounds incredibly beautiful to me. your life, lovely beautiful. sleep well! x

  2. sounds peacefull and so much of love - you are blessed :) XXXOOO

  3. I've written about four christmas budgets and they are all screwed up in the bin next to me!
    The rest of your weekend sounds rather lovely... x

  4. does indeed sound like a lovely day! I have also found that the washing fairy does not exist in my home! x

  5. Its good to see you having great time with your season activities. Love the cute tiny shoes, adorable. :D

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  6. I saw this beautiful post and decided to do one similar... hope you don't mind. Lou xxx

  7. A lovely weekend. My little girl is 16 months (today!) and we are working on night weaning because I am becoming sooo cranky with being up all night! I know... Hope you get more sleep tonight!
    My husband has the same belief in the washing fairy... I hate to send fairies on their way, but still...!

  8. mmmm I love that last line. Do you ever have trouble falling asleep with a little one? I don't know if it's hormones, or just the time to myself, but I frequently feel tired while carrying Lux around and then, once she's asleep, I'm energized again! I try to go to bed early and it doesn't work. Recently I've started imagining I'm on a sailboat with my husband and baby and we're all snuggled in below deck, falling asleep...

  9. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Tis a sad fact of life that the washing fairy does not exist and it may even need to be done on the weekend :( I had an angry lego moment too with my son leaving his tiny pieced intricate lego creation right in the path of the baby who then proceeded to disassemble it. Luckily no pieces in mouth!

  10. Telling me there is no washing up fairy is like telling me there's no Santa Claus, and I know neither are true. I clearly just have not been good this year.

  11. I have my hands in my ears going 'lah lah lah'... I need to believe that that fairy is coming, Jodi! I need to! x

  12. I seriously love this list. It captures all of the beautiful and slightly more difficult aspects of mommyhood. It inspires me to think about the ebb and flow of my days, too. Thanks for sharing....and I'm so jealous that it's summer where you are!

  13. why oh why is this summer so cold?!? i just got back from bali and have had to pull out my winter boots and raincoat, so upsetting. xx

  14. I am also admiring that vintage basket - i'm searching for one just like it! Sounds like a blissful weekend xx

  15. All sounds pretty wonderful to me!
    And I too love your basket.

  16. Maybe our winter is still hiding out down under. We've only just had to pull out our coats... Where is the snow?! x

  17. sounds wonderfully lovely! and i'm totally with you on the 'only one room needs to be tidy'... i follow this mantra in our house and i don't even have children to chase after!

    kel x