Monday, November 28, 2011


Little squares of fabric sewn onto paper. Tones of dove grey, jacaranda and mustard, interspersed with hints of French pink, olive and teal. I hope in the stitching a quilt will come together that offers comfort, warmth and a story to tell. Of Poet's first Christmas and the magic of the season.

As the owl says to Applesauce: "Christmas comes from the heart, Pig, from the heart."

Issues of the heart are all-consuming as are the ever-rolling lists in my head. The ticks never exceed the to-dos. The outgoings are increasing, the income is staying the same. It's an issue that gets thrown around this online world in abundance...housework and money are hot topics, didn't you know.

I was talking to a wise woman recently about my blog.

"I started it as a gratitude journal," I told her. "I found that I was always wishing I had more, hoping a better house would be in the near future, wanting more money. I wasn't entirely happy because I was so consumed with what I didn't have. And so I started focusing on what was already in my life and it didn't take long for me to realise that I was surrounded by what was important - a supportive, loving partner, a beautiful child, a safe and comfortable home, fresh, organic food, a pile of good books..."

When the normalcy of the daily routine becomes a little blasé, when the bills pile up and the work slows down, when there's an ongoing battle between the head and the heart, I take photos, gather my thoughts and bring them here. A practice in gratitude. And it always works.

Why do you write your blog?


  1. I cannot wait to see the finished product. Poet will love snuggling amongst her muma-made quilt. Housework and Money are hot topics in my house too (fancy that!) I blog as a way of journaling. I want to remember the little things that my boys do or things that interest me at this point in my life. I am finding it a fun and creative outlet. And yes, I too am realising that when I blog, I see all the good blessings I have. My family are my riches. xx

  2. That quilt will be perfection.

    As for writing a blog, it's kinda like my journal, my baby books and my... umm... mind, i suppose. But lets be honest, I just like the attention;)

    xo em

  3. Wise words, thank you. I have been feeling much like you have described. I started my blog as a journal of all the wonder in my life. How the boys grow, what they achieve, riding bikes and craft. Things we make, bake and grow. But I feel blog world has led me down a path of coveting things that I dont actually need but rather want... and it's left me feeling empty. Yes photography is the way...I need to get back on track and find the wonder again..the joy. Thank you once again Jodi, your timing is perfect! Lou xx

  4. So right, so good, so true. Let us focus on the many gifts which surround us.

    This Christmas due to limited budget we are putting more soul and magic into the festive season than ever and very few presents. The children are amazingly alright with this.

    My fifteen year old daughter has asked me to knit her a pullover (add that to the long list of delicious items to knit over the next few weeks) and a small pile of books.

    Reduced money does make me feel twitchy though I must confess. And you?


  5. You couldn't have picked more beautiful colours for that quilt. My idea of heaven for a little girl.

    I started my blog as a diary of our first years together as a married couple, and to remember how every moment we share is precious and should be celebrated and shouted about. It's so lovely to think that our journey as new parents and as a family of three will also be documented. xxx

  6. A quilt is such a wonderful gift Jodi and the fabrics are so very sweet. What a beautiful keepsake for dear little Poet.

    I started my blog as a way to document my crafting, but it became a way to ease the isolation I felt as a crafter and stay at home Mother living on the Gold Coast. Like you, it reminds me to be greatful and like Emily is acts as a journal and baby book too. :)

  7. I can't wait to see Poet's finished quilt. As for writing, same as most mamas, to document, remember, vent, reach out, breathe. And the photography, there is always the click of the lens to straighten things out again :)

  8. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. My mum made me a quilt for my 18th birthday and its one of my most treasured posessions.
    I write my blog as it gets whats on my mind out there, recorded. Hopefully one day my son will want to read it, to understand his mum. Also to record everyday things that happen that without documenting them, may be forgotton.

  9. Oh it’s going to be a gorgeous quilt Jodi! Interesting thoughts you have raised there. My blog began as an interiors blog, as we were doing up our first home, so it was a way of getting all my inspiration out and in one place. People just happened to start reading it, I suppose! Over time, it has become so much more personal, and I like to think my blog is like my online photo album, where I can look back and see how we have all grown and changed/evolved. A way of reliving days that I might forget if I hadn’t posted about them. I agree with Lou about the coveting things though. I used to post a lot of these wish lists (still do them), but not so much these days, as they can leave you feeling a bit dissatisfied with life and you sometimes lose sight of the important things around you. Have a nice week nice lady :) xx

  10. Sharing my thoughts and dreams, my hope and my knowlegde with others all over the world - like you... I love to blog, and I love to see how everything is moving :)

  11. Such lovely, warm thoughts, and good to keep in mind as a grad student with Much less coming in than going out :) I just started writing a blog to keep my mama in the loop while I study across the country!

  12. It's so good to remember and be grateful for the things you have – because perusing this online world it's so easy to get caught up with what is missing.

    I started mine to keep friends updated, and to help ease the isolation of a new city. I keep it going because I've found a happy place here. xx

  13. I think a quilt is perfect for her first Christmas! Practical and something I'm sure she'll treasure forever.

    I started blogging because I'm from Australia and my hubby's is American and we (usually) live in China. My blog is my journal because, let's face it, we all know my writing is New York Time's best seller material and will someday be turned into a book! ;-)

    Really, this was the easiest way for me to keep all the family up-to-date with our goings on and I'm just about to complete a 365 project of our little boy who was born last year (though I'm a little behind). It's been a fantastic way for me to connect with other mothers, expats and bloggers and I really value the community!

  14. I love, love this post. I write for very similar reasons as you: to truly SEE the beauty of my every day life and to appreciate the gifts that are there. I too sometimes have found it hard to stop wanting wanting wanting, and my blog (pretty much brand new) is a way to see that I already have everything I need.

  15. What a beautiful post; the quilt, the thoughts. My blog, actually, is about life. At some point it was only, mainly, about the good things in life, to remind myself of them, much like you say. But then a thought hit me, a change in our lives occured, and I decided to write of sadness, too. Because I came to realize you really need to have the chance to be sad, to express your sadness, instead of concealing it and letting it grow within you.

    I'm so happy I found your blog through Kerry's, it's comforting, and it reminds me of the importance of gratitude, too.

  16. Mine started to document my surprise pregnancy and journey into motherhood. I'm thankful that I've continued to write after Sofia was born, I hope some day that she will look back at all the photos of her growing up and see how much her papa and I love her.

  17. What a beautiful post. I'm new to reading your blog, and new to creating my own. I have started to blog as an outlet to capture the magic in the everyday, and to connect with my mama tribe

  18. It's good to take a moment to reflect, appreciate, remember, and create.
    My blog gives me a bit of that.
    LOVE your choice of fabrics.

  19. That is such a great reason to blog.
    I blog just to record. I really enjoy going back and see where I have come from. I like that little bits from my life are recorded there ... forever.

  20. So you are the lucky lady who has ordered that gorgeous quilt! We have had the same idea for gifting our daughters for their very first christmas, Maggie and Sparrow quilts are just perfection!

  21. Lovely Jodi you do have a way with words. Beautiful post.
    I used to blog for fun, to give a space for my creative side, now I pour my heart out, blogging has become a part of my therapy. I blog with an open and hopeful heart and with a new set of eyes. Life is fragile, life is a gift, life is family and health and being around good people. Money, work and things, they will come and go but we make due don't we.
    I received your book in the mail this week and wanted to thank you. I would like to send it back when I'm done.
    Beautiful quilt for your little beauty :)
    Natasha xx