Sunday, January 31, 2010

it's monday...

I'm sipping mint water and working on an exciting project that involves so many beautiful women that I know. It's exciting, to be organising something I'm really passionate about. Something that I know will inspire and perhaps change journeys and perspectives.

Our little local beach side town is quiet again because the tourists have gone home and the children are back at school. I'm really appreciating the space and the quiet...the fact that we don't have to scramble for a square metre of sand. Daniel is home, Ché has a new toot toot and I'm enjoyably busy.

And all is good.

It's February already, our last month of summer.

It's hot and sunny and while living in the present is ideal I am looking forward to the ochre and the golden autumn days ahead.

Tell me...who are you, and what are you up to?


  1. Hullo Jodi! I've been reading for a while, but have only commented once or twice.

    Mint water sounds like a great idea right now.

    I'm actually preparing myself to go and do a yoga teacher training course, which is very exciting. I'm also working on some new writing projects and heading in a different direction.

    It's funny, isn't it, that, as lovely as the Christmas/Summer period is, it's lovely to get to the quiet time at the end of it.

    Looking forward to reading more about your new project.

  2. Oh how that sounds lovely... I think I will go and make us some mint (and maybe) lemon water. I am excited about Feb - it seems a little more organised than the chaoes of January x

  3. We had the beach all to ourselves today too! Hooray!!

  4. Hello :)

    It's monday too in the northern part of the hemisphere, but here we are actually enjoiying the new hours of sun and looking for the new flowers to grow.

    Ok, maybe it's still soon for the flowers, so i'm going to be happy watching the hole process and all the rest of the wonderful tiny discovering (like the birds comming back!)


  5. A new toot toot, that is all you need as a little fella for it to be good with the world!
    We are just getting ready for the big one to go to Prep and the little one to get back into Child care and for me to be happy about it and not cry - that is my goal for the week.

  6. well Jodi. It's me. Lisa with the curly hair from your lovely Yoga school. Do you remember me?! I had a great start to February today by attending a class at 6pm with Mardi. Ahhh. How fortunate and lucky we are... Sweet dreams lovely princess and hopefully bump into you again soon. I've been editing and doing photo things. It is 11.30 and time for my head to hit the pillow!

  7. Hello Jodi!

    I am Jessica, a 32 year old mom to two little lovelies and a wife to a wonderful man. We reside in Raleigh, NC, USA.
    I have never commented on your blog, though I read your words whenever posted. Something about your writing a way of life really speaks to me. I admire your beach living too.
    I have been always interested in practicing yoga and have done it very intermittently. Mostly in my living room with a dvd since I can't afford classes. Something about the stretching and peacefulness is so soothing it just draws me in.
    You always seem so relaxed and yet full of energy, do you get to practice yoga when you are not teaching? Do you practice daily? Any advice for incorporating yoga into my daily living?
    love your words!
    ~ jessica

  8. Your blog is very heartwarming and inspiring. We live in a tiny town snuggled in the mountains.I am in the process of opening a little online shop, mostly baby knits & handspun wool.


  9. I'm so glad I found you, too :) My name is Aura, I live in the middle of Oklahoma, and today is the first day of the last month of Winter. I couldn't be more excited. March brings our blooming pear trees, Arts Festivals, and gardening season. This year my big project is to start my own business -a store for children and baby items. I've been planning it for years and decided that 2010 was the year for me, so I've been busy designing and sewing little handmade cloth dolls as my first item. I can't remember exactly how I came across your blog, but I love it. It's amazing to find people across the world that see things the same way as you do.

  10. I am longing for the sunshine to come back soon. Utah (in the USA) is in the heart of winter, although it has warmed up considerable and has been unseasonably warm at times (40* F). Enjoy your last days of summer, while I enjoy my last days of winter, then we can swap. :)

  11. I have those same glasses! (the one your mint is sitting in) they're pretty aren't they?
    Great news about your project, it's so nice to be working on something that excites you.
    Will write you a proper email this evening as I'm just about to dash out the door. Have a happy day. x

  12. Hi Jodi,

    I'm Misty, I'm a first time mama to a 4 month old, his name is Harper. We are from Melbourne originally but have moved to a quiet country town in Victoria.

    I have been lurking around here on your blog for a while, I really enjoy reading your words and admire your lifestyle. It seems to be very calm, natural and a loving environment.

    Thank you for your inspiration :)

  13. Hi Jodi! I'm a Canadian girl living in Sydney with my Australian husband. Right now I am drinking my green smoothie and catching up on emails. I found your blog a little while ago and I find it very inspiring. You make me want to pack up and move to a small town near a beach somewhere. Hmm, something to think about...