Monday, January 18, 2010

young love

ché ché and liviya on the front step.
He's got his truck and she's got her doll.

I always wonder how long these friendships will last.
I suppose all that's important is today...
the fact that they shared banana bread and walked hand-in-hand away from the cafe.

Just so sweet.


  1. heartmelting indeed and a picture to treasure (how did you do it?) x

  2. Oh so so cute and what a perfect little couple they make. The mothers would love it to work this way too i am sure...hehehe. So sweet..xxxx

  3. What a sweet, sweet picture.

    Thanks for the advice for my poor ankles, about to head to the beach for a swim and hopefully that will help too.

    Looking forward to meeting next week, thank you so much for all the lovely support.

    Anna x