Sunday, January 10, 2010

monday summer pics

dressing up in dada's clothes (hippie headband looks good on both my boys).
growing up too fast.
halfway through summer already.
enjoying the daze and reminding myself when I complain of the heat...
that I'm much cooler than my pre-natal students.
This year I promised I wouldn't whinge or complain as much as I used to.
So far it's been a very positive experience.
And makes for a much happier family.
Happy summer to you.


  1. Too cute for his headband!
    Beautiful boy!
    Happy Summer.

  2. He looks so much older in this - beautiful pic!

  3. He is looking so handsome. I think I took a little inspiration this week with a growing up too quick pick of my boy too.
    Half way through summer already -sheesh

  4. Oh my, such gorgeous eyes Jodi. He is growing up!

  5. so handsome! he just keeps getting bigger and bigger! congrats your your pregnancy workshops- they look wonderful. xo m.

  6. such an open, shining spirit coming through that beautiful face.

  7. He looks quite grownup! What a breath of fresh air, thoughts of summer...we are caught in the darkest days of winter here and *sigh* what I would do for a little warmth.

  8. I love your blog. The life you share here seems beautiful! Oh also the video shines much love and art... Blessings Cat