Thursday, January 7, 2010

sweet success

I just spent some time in the garden. The sun is hot and the earth is abundant with worms and bugs - good bugs. A sign that our garden is thriving. I dug out a whole bowl of potatoes, picked stalks of kale, about 50 beans, thyme and lemongrass. It is so incredibly rewarding to watch your plants grow, pick their fruit and then cook for your family. A few weeks ago I was running late for an evening class and the fridge was looking slightly bare. I ducked out the back for a few minutes and came back inside with dinner in my hands. Enough greens to combine with tinned tomatoes, garlic and pasta...a perfectly nutricious and comforting meal for my boys. Ahhh, it feels good.
So good that this weekend I'm extending the vegie patch...making more room for more life.

I was so happy to unwrap Stephanie's Kitchen Garden Companion on Christmas day. What a beautiful book! It's covered in linen and details how to grow, when to pick and how to cook fruit and vegetables. I flick through it at every available opportunity and am so pleased that Stephanie is slowly but surely encouraging hundred of schools across Australia to grow their own food. It's so important for children to know where their food comes from, to spark an interest of healthy living from a young age. Last week Ché was playing in the garden, a bean in one hand, an apple cucumber in the other. He was eating both at the same time. Happiness.
I am so joyous about this new year. So content with my family, my home, my life. It most definately feels good to be alive.

I've been perusing a few blogs in the past few days and I'm loving:
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  1. What beautiful veggies you have growing there. Those potatoes look great!

  2. It's a great feeling isn't it? Every salad I've eaten at work this week has been from my garden. Yummo. And yes, Stephanie's book is heavenly. Enjoy. I am too planning an extension of the produce growing area. I got an olive tree for Christmas and have been moving it around the garden in its pot trying to decide where it will go.

  3. Well done you! They all look delicious! Aren't home grown spuds so delicious?

    I was lucky enough to get Stephanie's book for Christmas too. I love it - especially the paragraphs about engaging children in the garden.


  4. I was also lucky and got the book for my birthday this year - I do love it. Our garden is small but it's still a delight gathering parts of our dinner from the patch. And Minnie loves it, eating most of her harvest before she gets in! Thank you again for your sweet words about our pregnancy. X

  5. I love that feeling, as well. In the warmer months I love to just sit on my back patio eating tomatoes, herbs, and peppers from the garden. You're making me wish for gardening season! I have 3 months to go before I can stop paying an arm and a leg for my produce at the store, and I can grown my own, again.