Thursday, August 21, 2008

the whale and the egg

This morning, on the front of The Daily Telegraph was a picture of an Aboriginal whale caller trying to soothe the orphaned whale, Colin.

While reading all the updates today I felt relieved that I didn't have to explain this heartbreaking story to Che. Because I knew he would ask me questions like: "...but why didn't his mum want him?" and I wouldn't have answers because that was the same question I was asking myself. Colin's body will be taken to Taronga Zoo for an autopsy to determine why he was abandoned.

It got me thinking about nature, about the cruel and the kind. I know that if Colin hadn't have started suckling boats he would never have been found by humans. And somewhere deep in the ocean, nature would have taken its course. Sad but true.

If Che was old enough to ask and listen I would have spent the day explaining. Perhaps we would have pondered together. Drawn whale pictures, listened to whale song.

And I think I would have reminded him about the beauty of balance. While it was unfortunate for Colin and sad for us all to see, obviously nature didn't intend for him a long life. But look at what nature provided us with yesterday - healthy chickens that give us fresh eggs. I know a whale and an egg are worlds apart but to a child they are both natural and wonderful things. And I think that's the best explanation I could have come up with.


  1. so well said!!! If only i could be so eloquent whent he situation arises...thanks for visiting my blog and yes I think I shall frame the pictures!!


  2. I haven't read this story and I probably won't - I've always been a sap, but since the girls were born I'm useless, everything makes me cry. There's always something in the Age Good Weekend magazine on Saturdays, anything can set me off.

  3. That's so beautiful and thoughtful. The whole story of Colin has had me in tears.