Thursday, August 21, 2008


...his cheeks. I kiss them at least 100 times a day. Scrumptious.

Little hands trying to find the petals amongst the grass. The concentration required is immense.
(note:: baby yogi in preparation for janu sirasana A - head to knee pose)

Freshly baked cookies (oatmeal and raisin) with a glass of milk.

Today I obviously put too much love in the cookies and not enough in the pasta. Because this is the little one eating vegemite toast for dinner.

and this is the pasta:


  1. Oooh yeah I love those cheeks. Definitely edible, definitely kissable.

    Cookies look fantastic - what recipe do you use?

    And pasta - pah! Vege on toast is the bomb!
    Oh and to answer you re: Small, it's just an online zine - so check it out.. I think I put the link.. If I didn't tell me!

  2. so can relate to the pasta on the floor...dont know how many times a day i sweep my floor!!!

  3. Hmmmmmm, I can totally relate to the Vegemite thing, happens around here too...Xxx