Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In some moments of some days, and sometimes for an entire day I can feel weary. Tired. The kind of tiredness that needs chocolate and coffee. Today is one of those days and unfortunately the caffeine hasn't worked. But I can be grateful for the tiredness today because it has helped put things in to perspective. I am gushing with gratitude for the people and the things that make my journey as a muma smooth, relaxed and happy. Today I realised that I couldn't do it without them (mostly the people, sometimes the 'things').

1. Mr Smith. He is here all the time, even when he's not at home. He brings me back to earth when I'm in the clouds (not just my head, sometimes all of me is off in the ether). He reminds me what is important and what is not. He's intelligent, handsome and creative. There are times when I am in awe of his parenting...he does it so well. He sings the best songs and can be just as silly as a four-year-old on red cordial...he has never lost his inner child. He inspires and encourages me - constantly.

2. Grandparents. Perhaps they are the best people in the world because while they are guiding me as a Mum they also have the intuition to take a step back and let me find my own way. And they are always always there. With time, cuddles, patience, love, overwhelming pride and...home-made food. It makes me gush with happiness when I see Che cuddle into Mama or Ommi in a simple display of trust - he feels safe with them and with Grandad.

3. Aunties: lovely girlfriend's of mine who dote on Che and make me laugh.

4. A slow cooker. I love knowing that when dinner time comes around, dinner will be ready and all I'll have to do is eat. And it will be yummy. Very yummy

5. Stand-up dustpan and broom. So easy to do a quick sweep under Che's chair. If I don't? I'll find him under the table eating the leftovers from lunch. Also makes a great toy.

6. This colourful (sometimes stripy) creature;

He was so content when he was growing in my belly, he birthed easily and calmly, and he makes every day easy because he takes the time to just sit back and watch the world go by. A lesson for all of us.

So many people have said to me: "...he's been here before". And the more I get to know him, the more I believe that this is true.


  1. isn't it lovely to have these people in our lives to give us strength, keep us grounded, help us out. I know there are some days where I'd just fall in a heap if it weren't for my wonderful mr coming home and making everything ok. Oh yeah, one of those stand-up dustpans might help too!

  2. Mmm, great post. It's nice to stop and think of those things that matter most. Thanks for making me stand still and think!

  3. I read posts like yours and think maybe I should head back home (the UK) with my little one. My parents dote on their granddaughter but they are so far away and I feel I am denying them and her the joy of really being in each other's life. Thanks for your lovely post.